8 Tips On How To Speed Up Macbook


Mac’s are known for both the popular brand and high performance. Unfortunately, with time all electronics, no matter how expensive and great it is, become slower and not as effective as we’d like it to be.

But in order to receive the best performance possible, you need to take care of it and use specific software like clean my mac that will ensure the effectiveness of your device. Also, in this article, we will share some other tips about how to make your Mac work faster and perform more efficiently.

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Never Open Many Apps At Once

This is an old truth – the more apps you have running at the same time, the slower your Mac will perform. It is because the open apps consume your RAM resources. Choose to keep open only the apps that you truly need at the current moment and don’t forget to close the ones you have finished using and do not need anymore. It’s a simple tip, but it will strengthen the functionality of your Mac a lot.

Remove Apps That You Don’t Use Anymore

It’s simple as that – if you have your Mac cluttered with apps you do not use anymore, those apps consume valuable space on your computer and influence it to run slower. Surely you can find some additional apps on the internet that offer to speed up your Mac, but it will only work wonders if you sincerely clutter your Mac from apps that are no longer needed.

Consider Switching From a Hard Drive to SSD If You Have an Older Mac

If you haven’t switched to SSD and are still using a hard drive on your older Mac – we strongly recommend that you do so. This will have a big effect on how fast your Mac is working. All new Macs have SSD but if you are not ready to let go of the old one – this might be the solution for you.

Don’t Forget to Restart

You probably have noticed that in our constantly rushing society where people never have enough time, it has become a usual routine to almost never shutdown or restart your laptop – you simply close it and rush on. And that might save you a couple of seconds every day, but it’s not very healthy for your Mac. If you restart more often, your computer will have more chances to shut down any unnecessary apps and processes that are constantly running in the background.

Limit The Amount Of Web Browsing Tabs You Have Open

This issue is very similar to having too many apps open at once – your Mac uses all of its resources to keep it running and it really slows all the other processes down. And the more visual the website, the more media elements it has, the more resources it eats up. There is a way that lets you see which apps, including browsers, are using up most of the resources. Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor and click on the Memory tab – here you’ll see everything.

Do You Really Need a Screen Saver?

Sure, it looks fancy and you think that if there’s a possibility to be fancier than usual, then why shouldn’t you? Well, you shouldn’t. And here’s why. A changing, moving screen saver is another black hole that consumes your Mac’s valuable resources and slows down the entire system.

Invest In a Bigger Memory of Your Mac

First of all, go ahead and check how much memory does your Mac has at the current moment. To do so, click on the Apple logo on the top of your screen and choose the option “About this Mac”. Before you buy that extra RAM, find the information about what is the maximum level that it can be upgraded to. Increasing the number of RAMs will help you, Mac, with responsiveness and running more apps at the same time.

Always Remember to Update

Out of the rush to do everything faster, we often forget or postpone the upcoming updates for later, which is not healthy for your Mac system, especially if you use apps that need higher resources. Your Mac will not function ideally if your apps are updated, but the Mac OS is not. As you know, apps are always being updated and becoming better and better. But it will bring you the maximum result only if it plays well with your Mac OS. And it can do that only if you update it regularly. This is essential if you work from home and use specific apps – just imagine how much more effective those apps could be if your system was also up to date?