Essential Things You Need to Know If You Decide to Work-From-Home!

Work From Home

As a freelancer, your chair is the couch or your office is your bedroom or sometimes the kitchen.  You don’t have to commute for an hour to go to work. It is very ideal, but not all the time. Work-from-home is legit.  Nowadays, working from home is popular, it also called telecommuting. Based on a survey done by the Bureau of Labor, in the year 2018, around 56% of workers had a flexible schedule.  In addition, 42 million salary workers or around 29% could work at the convenience of their home and 36 million workers or around 25% worked at their home from time to time. 

There are even employees who agreed to work from home even if it means cutting their pay; this is based on the report done by Owl Labs.  According to that study, 35% of the employees agreed to have a 5% cut, 24% of them agreed to have a 10% cut and even 20% are willing to take more than 10% cut.  According to these employees, they would have a greater balance when it comes to work and life. They will be able to concentrate more so there would be an increase in their productivity.  Others prefer this set-up because for them the will feel less stress and they can avoid the stress of commuting. In case of a power failure, you need the best portable generator 

 The topic of working from home is now becoming popular because the marketplace is getting tighter and tighter to the recruitment company called Robert Half.  One good way to win a rock star talent is by is to attract potential employees and have the existing ones retain using great convenience on their jobs. Companies, today, will offer anything to attract employees, like providing them a flexible time to work and working-at-home option.  Based on a survey around 76% of workers would likely accept the job if they can opt to work-from-home from time to time.

Before you decide whether you want to work-from-home, you need to weigh some things first.  Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. You also need to know that according to a survey performed by Robert Half, around 80% of workers said that there are also disadvantages if you decide to work in the convenience of your couch.

Here are the advantages of working-from-home.  So you have to think twice before you decide if it is the right job for you.


  •  You are going to be very independent.  It takes more than the thought of you working in your pajamas. This means that you really have to motivate yourself to work.  This also means that you need to rely on yourself to be responsible, disciplined and more focused. These are very important aspects for you to succeed in this kind of endeavor.  They may sound very simple but adhering to schedule is one thing that you really need to possess.


  •   You can be very productive if you will not do anything else like doing some errands or watch YouTube videos.  For someone who is working remotely, he is not wasting hours commuting but he can use these hours to very productive.  It means additional hours of productivity. Moreover, you will not experience the everyday office life annoyances like chattering, loud co-employees and other types of office interruptions. 


  •  You will also have the chance to be an expert in communicating.  There are times that you need to attend some remote meetings, so you have to be fast in coming up with what tools to use, especially that you cannot go to the bathroom if you have meetings.  You will be an expert in using Skype, email, web meetings, text and other apps needed in communication. If you are working remotely, you need to be an expert in navigating these kinds of technology so you can be more marketable. In case of power failure, you need the best portable generator. 


  •  One downside to working-from-home is you may not remember to clock out. Other people may think working remotely is doing less work, but it is actually the opposite especially if you are a very diligent remote worker.  Since you do not have that scenario where you need to go and leave the office, it’s like home and work come together. It is like you are always at work; it may even result in burnout.


  •  You may feel out of place.  When you are working in an office there are too much socialization going on or casual meetings, like asking for some best practices from your colleagues, brainstorming session or quick huddle for meetings.  It’s quite difficult to have that same scenario when your working-from-home.


  • You may not get that full accessibility to platforms, however, today with the use of cloud technology; some of this has been made easy.  This is why a remote worker can now work from anywhere. However, there are instances that the concern for consumer protection and data security deters them from getting total accessibility.


  •  You may not get the same leeway as your co-workers have because you are not in the office.  You cannot avoid them thinking that you are not working seriously.

Tips to be a Great Remote Worker

If you are really decided to work-from-home, take advantage of using face time, attend training, events, outings, team buildings and meetings as possible as you can.  It is really important to collaborate and meet your co-workers once in a while. Be professional, even if you do not have a true office at home, you can set a small workplace up and make it your office.  So this means that other family members are not allowed to go there if you are working. If you get an email, respond right away. If you will not be able to respond promptly, just let them know that you got it and you will answer it soon is enough.  Make yourself available in every meeting, conferences and other collaborations. In case of a power failure, you need the best portable generator.