What Software Should You Use for Document Control? Guide and Reviews

By Tyler Damon

Published on:

Document control software, also referred to as document sharing or document management software, has become an essential part of a modern organization’s tech stack.

Well-chosen document control software automates your workflow, encourages client responsiveness and provides a secure, accessible place to store important contracts, invoices, proposals, and more. 

This post explains how to find high-quality software and reviews some of the top providers on the market. 

What Is Document Sharing Software?

Organizations use document sharing or document control software to create, send, track and store business documents. Common types of documents include invoices, proposals, contracts, receipts, and so on. 

Document sharing and management apps provide automation and administration features in the following areas: 

  • Document creation: Apps typically include a browser editor that allows users to create documents, often from pre-saved templates. Look for an easy-to-use interface, compatibility with images and videos, and support for multiple file formats. 
  • Electronic signatures: Electronic signatures cut down on the time it takes to approve documents, for both senders and recipients. Look for drag-and-drop signature tools in an app’s document editor. 
  • Tracking and analytics: Analytics are used to track recipient behavior. A robust platform allows you to gain a bird’s-eye overview of which documents have been approved and which are pending. It will also allow you to send follow-up materials to prompt unresponsive clients. 
  • Online storage: While you likely already have an online storage provider, document control solutions typically provide their own additional storage. This is useful for securing approved documents online and accessing them easily from the app.
  • Team management: Document management requires the input of multiple team members. As such, apps will usually provide project management features such as automated notifications, collaboration spaces, and permission-based access for users. 

Secure Document Sharing Software: Top Five Reviews 

Here are five of the top providers in the document control software space:

  • PandaDoc: PandaDoc offers one of the widest feature sets of any product currently on the market, along with a long-term “forever free” plan Users have access to in-depth analytics, electronic signatures, secure online storage, pre-written templates, and a sizeable integrations library. 
  • Proposify: Proposify pitches itself more as a solution for creating in-depth sales proposals rather than a comprehensive document control app. That said, it can be used to manage documents other than proposals. It’s geared more towards medium businesses and its flat price structure (subscribers aren’t charged on a per-user basis) may prove more cost-effective than alternatives. 
  • DocuSign: DocuSign is one of the biggest brands in the document management and electronic signature space. While it is best known for its e-signature functionality, the platform offers a range of additional document management features. A free plan is available, although it is extremely limited compared to the paid options. 
  • Agiloft: If you’re looking for an enterprise-level solution, Agiloft is well worth exploring. It offers an array of advanced features, including vendor portals, support for multiple languages, and a developer tool kit. Smaller businesses will likely find it overwhelming and costly. However, if you require a heavy-duty solution, reach out to the sales team to discuss pricing. 
  • ContractWorks: Larger organizations that expect a large number of employees to use their document management solutions should consider ContractWorks. It has several straightforward pricing plans (starting at $700 per month) that all allow for unlimited users, along with all the functionality you would anticipate in a solution of its kind. 

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