Ways to Increase Your Salary in the Tech Field

Salary in the Tech Field

Those working in tech-related fields tend to make more than the national average in salary. In 2021, professionals like web developers, database administrators, IT managers and UX designers saw increases to their average wage, and most brought home over six figures of base pay.

Still, not everyone in tech is earning such significant sums. If you are looking to increase your wages over the coming year, here are a few tricks to convince your employer that you deserve a raise.

Demonstrate Your Highest Level of Performance

Many tech workers feel passionate about their work and thus give their all to their responsibilities. If you consistently provide your employer with your highest caliber of work, you should find evidence that your efforts in your current role are invaluable to achieving organizational roles.

If you are not already putting all your energy and intellect into your role, you should start. Your performance level is not the only measure of value your employer uses to determine your value, but a high performance rating is among the most important indicators that you are top talent that the company cannot afford to lose. You might spend a few weeks operating at peak performance and track how that contributes to the success of ongoing projects.

Motivate Your Team Members to Do Better

Few tech workers operate as islands; most likely, you are a member of a team, tasked with common goals and shared responsibilities. Even within a team, your performance can shine, but you can make a greater impact on the productivity and success of the company if you can encourage your colleagues to improve their performance as well. Your manager will recognize your positive effects on the morale and motivation of your coworkers and remember your contributions when you request a raise. What’s more, inspiring your coworkers to new levels of performance shows that you have the ability to take on a leadership role within your team, which positions you well for a promotion.

Salary in the Tech Field

Commit to Improving Your Knowledge and Skill

No organization wants to lose a worker who is consistently improving their abilities. A passion for learning is valuable to an organization, which can always benefit from new knowledge and skill. Thus, you should demonstrate your willingness and drive to continue your education by enrolling in short courses related to your field and position. You should inform your manager that you are participating in these courses, and explain what you are gaining from the experience. Possibly, your employer might offer to compensate you for costs associated with your continued education, but certainly, your employer will be impressed by your commitment and be more willing to increase your salary when you make the request.

Be Flexible With the Rewards You Expect

Generally, experts advise requesting a raise of between 10 and 20 percent of your current salary. Of course, you might request more if your performance is particularly impactful on the success of the company or if industry rates for workers in comparable positions to yours have radically increased in recent years. However, just because you request a certain amount does not mean your employer is willing or able to provide that amount.

Most likely, you and your employer will enter into negotiations about an increase in salary or additional benefits. Alternatively, your manager might offer a raise in exchange for additional or new responsibilities. In either case, you should adjust your expectations and take your time to decide whether what your employer is offering is sufficient to keep you satisfied in your current role.

Consider Relocating to a New Organization

Not all salary negotiations go as planned. If your employer consistently does not recognize your high performance, your invaluable technical skills and your leadership qualities, you are unlikely to receive the career support and satisfaction you deserve. Tech workers are in exceedingly high demand, so you might spend some time considering the pay and responsibilities of available positions in other organizations. If you receive an enviable job offer, you might give your current employer one last chance to revise your pay — but then again, if your requests for raises have been ignored thus far, it might be high time for a switch to a new company.