Top 5 Benefits Of Modern Intranet Software For Employee Satisfactio

By Tyler Damon

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Employee satisfaction has become a crucial aspect that many organisations actively take into consideration when they are framing company policies. A major focus today has become ensuring employees are productive and are able to take up challenges without experiencing burnout in the long run.

This has propelled organisations to discover modern intranet software. These systems make communication open and engaging. While there are plenty of these tools available, like ClickUp, Claromentis, and Sharepoint, understanding which one works the best for your team is crucial. Today, we discuss how intranet platforms benefit employee satisfaction. 

5 Benefits Of Intranet Platforms For Employee Satisfaction

  • It encourages employee engagement: A modern intranet makes the exchange of information seamless and not a multilayer process, as the system creates a centralised system that is accessible to all. Employees have the flexibility to post messages themselves, check available informational content, read through resources or add more themselves or even comment on announcements and news.

    This feature makes it easier for employees to connect with the organisation and its people without having to write long emails or formal meetings. Clear communication also prevents misunderstandings and mistakes from bubbling, as getting clarity is often a comment away.

    It also makes employees feel more connected and in sync with the progress the organisation is making.

  • It makes work (even in a team) easier: We all have different working styles. While it is not an issue when working on a project independently, it may seem daunting when working in a team. A modern intranet solves this problem by updating project particulars on the platform, along with the roles and responsibilities each team member has to undertake.

    This ensures everyone is on the same page and is communicating developments, issues and progress. It also brings team members together as it makes working together hassle-free.

    Moreover, this process also ensures critical business-related issues are highlighted and kept in an archive for later reference.

  • Strengthens work culture: A good corporate culture encourages workers to do their best, enjoy what they do, and feel rewarded for their hard work. While emails and newsletters often get lost in a mailbox, an intranet platform ensures work being done is tracked and rewarded in real time.

    There are, in fact, extensions that can be integrated with a modern intranet to ensure weekly and monthly appreciation posts for hardworking team members. Moreover, a streamlined process prevents delays in completing projects, which in return, prevents frustration and stress.

    Intranet platforms are also often used to make birthday and anniversary announcements. These create a sense of community, also adding to brand advocacy.

  • Social interaction: 60% of employees consider colleagues to be another reason for feeling satisfied at work. However, with modern intranet platforms, employees get a chance to interact with other teammates from the same department as well as cross departments.

    This encourages healthy office friendships that make it fun and seamless to work on projects. Additionally, these social interactions can be an ice breaker for new employees who are adjusting to the new work culture and its processes.

  • It stimulates learning and growth: We all are learning and growing every day to make projects progress without delays or recalls. However, there is only a limited amount of learning one can do on their own. This is where having a platform where teammates can share their learning and resources with others. From research findings to new trends or updates, there is a lot that employees can learn from each other.

Parting words

Whether you are a small business or a multi-million dollar generating organisation, an intranet platform helps in streaming processes and adding a sense of satisfaction to teams across the organisation. So while you are on the lookout to discover modern intranet software, be sure to keep the well-being and growth of the organisation in mind. There are tools that can be customised in terms of features and budget, so be sure to check them before making a final decision.

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