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Unlocking the Secrets of the Top 10 Movie App

Welcome friends to our new article, in this article we will see the top 10 movie apps. We are making this article just to spread information about the top 10 movie app in the people. Main thing of writing this article is to just provide the information of the top 10 movie apps in the people so that people will get help for choosing the right movie app. Rather than this article on 10 movie apps is not promoting in your app is just an informative article to give the people information. So below we are giving the information about top 10 movie apps, in the hope that you will like it.


This is the first app of our list this is one of the famous movie app available on the Play Store, so we have decided to put this app only first position. On this app you can watch the movies for free, the size of the app is only 5 MB to show it does not take more space of the mobile. The reason to put this app on the number one is it does not have any frequent ads and the movie collection is also nice, so you can definitely once try this.


This is the second app of our list, this app comes with the 4.4 rating. On this app also, you can watch our stream movies for free. There is an option by which you can rent or by the videos. It seems to be a one of the marketing strategy of the app developer. On this app, you can enjoy your movies in 4K quality. But the main thing is that this app can be only used by the US people, only this app is not working outside the US.

Tubi tv

This is the third app of our list, this is also one of the free app which provides you the best movie experience. This app comes with the 4.7 rating on the Google Play Store. So it is listed amount the best movie apps on the top 10 movie apps. This app is an open source and free app more than 20000 + movies and series are available on this app. But one of the bad thing of this app is you can only watch the video up to 720p, you can’t watch the HD movies on this app.


As comparing to the other apps of our list this app has the more storage it comes with the storage of 60 MB. Do it be having the 60 MB size then also it is providing all the services for free you can watch or access all the movies all the shows available on the kodi app. If you want to watch or download the videos from this app then first you will have to save these videos or movies on their server and then only you can use it. This app can run on any of the OS, and also it is free to install and use. Again the bad side of the app is it does not come with any customer support so if you have any difficulty you can’t ask anyone.

Movie box pro

This is also one of the best free movie app available on the Play Store. Movie box pro can support IOS and Android both the phones, so you can freely use this app on the both the OS. This app comes with the 15000 + TV shows and movies, so you have the use varieties of movies and shows available here also it supports the subtitles of multi-language. You can watch the movies on this app in HD quality.


These   use you about a thousand movies collection, this is less but all the movies available here are of good quality comparing to others. But you have access to the 80 TV channels, and also you can access to your local media files. It also gives you the support of the news channel also, so you can freely watch in of the highly rated news channel. Basically it is a feature limited movie app, but it is very helpful for the people who want to access the live shows.


Popcornflix is one of the app which supports Android and IOS you have access to the 2000 + movies and series. All this 2000 movies every collection of adventure family and many other types of movies, so there can be one of the favorite movie also. The bad side of the app is it shows you many advertisements, so it makes in convenient to operate the app. But overall this movie app is limited but old and nice just there is the barrier of the collection of movies so if this feature is increased it can be the perfect app.


This is one of the different video streaming app. This app gives you to the axis of more than 100 + streaming apps, it includes Netflix Amazon Prime and many other well known streaming apps. This app is just any collection of all the videos streaming application which are paid. The app also provides you the suggestion regarding your search history, so you can easily find your desired content. One of the backdrop of this app is it does not have its own movies, so there can be some issues in the future when using the app.


This is also one of the feature limited movie or video streaming app, it comes only with the 5000 movies all the TV shows. This is one of the major drop back of this type of app. But you can get multiple categories of the movies, so definitely you will find one of the best movie for you. In this app only family friendly shows are available so the people who require 18 + content they will be not allowed here. This can also be the average of among the all top 10 movie app.

Google Play movies and TV

This is one of the famous and well known application available on the Play Store because Google personally powers it. This app offers you the free service with the more collection of the movies you can either watch movies or you can rent or purchase it also. Nowadays, this app is called as Google TV. You can watch content on this app up to 4K. And in many countries this app is not working so that people can’t use Google TV app.


So this was article on top 10 movie apps is only to provide the information to the people, we are not promoting this type of apps on our website. If you like the list of top 10 movie apps, then do make a comment down. If you require any type of articles related to movie or any other things you can come and as down you will definitely bring up that article. You can share this top 10 movie apps article with your friends and help them to get the best app for them.

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