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Digital marketing is not complete without social media marketing, which has shown its value. But as the number of competitors grows, it is harder for one to outperform the others. Simply said, every single social media marketer is looking for fresh, original methods to impact their target audience. One such imaginative strategy for drawing attention is to create eye-catching bespoke Facebook tabs.

Businesses can simply customize their tab pages thanks to TabSite, a Facebook application developer. Your custom tab’s content may be created and managed using TabSite much like a web page or blog post, complete with the addition of multimedia. You may use several photos, videos, texts, and other types of media in place of a simple custom tab with only one image.

What is tabsite?

Facebook has modified how custom pages may be used over time, however TabSite has remained a constant. Users may create fully unique pages, landing pages, contests, picture and video collections, websites, and many other practical marketing tools with the Facebook application TabSite. Here are four justifications for using TabSite as your go-to tool for creating personalized Facebook pages.

How does tabsite work?

Our lead collecting and marketing platform, TabSite, provides a broad range of simple-to-install applications for Facebook pages, blogs, and websites. Each app has strong and distinctive functionality that makes it simple to add new features to your website or Facebook page, such competitions, promotions, email marketing, and more.

Without having to go through web development to design a form or anything else, businesses can utilize apps to execute online marketing campaigns, collect leads, and more.

What are the Main features of Tabsite


  1. Easy to use

TabSite gives you choices whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice social media marketer. They feature a big selection of pre-made and editable templates for rapid and simple implementation. Users may choose from 19 widgets and quickly install campaign-required functionality on a bespoke Facebook page using the TabSite Drag N Build system.

Sweepstakes, movies, Google maps, Pinterest, more social network functionality, product displays, RSS, custom forms, and many others are just a few of the widgets available. Additionally, programmers may go directly into the HTML module and create their own unique pages.

  1. Track and improve engagement

Users of TabSite may include Google Analytics. This is effective since Facebook now allows marketers to monitor and analyze whole funnels and conversions. As compared to Facebook’s metrics, there is a sharp difference. Marketers may make adjustments to their campaigns to increase conversion rates by using Google’s traffic flow and conversion analysis tools.

PlanYourPost provides a special statistic known as the Post Density Factor, or PD factor. Every post’s views, shares, clicks, active users, likes, shares, comments, and reactions are weighted in this calculation. With the use of this indicator, marketers may concurrently assess the success of their content distribution on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Provide reviews

The Internet exists primarily as a forum for individuals to ask and share questions and ideas. Forums, blogs, or true review-focused websites like Yelp or Travelocity may be utilized for this. Page owners may simply enable reviews and testimonials from site users by using TabSite Apps. Visitors could appreciate being able to provide feedback straight immediately, particularly if a manager or admin answers promptly, and the company might get some positive reviews as a result.

For PC and mobile users, the majority of TabSite Apps are effectively controlled and no in-depth programming knowledge is required. If a user has any difficulties, they may discuss their issues and share notes with other users in the online help section, which can also guide them through basic setup and development problems.


  1. Consumer Assistance

There are several methods to obtain answers from the staff at TabSite. Furthermore, there are several threads for problem-solving in the online FAQ, Help Desk, and blog. Almost all letters are responded to within four hours of receiving them.

For marketers and companies looking to develop unique Facebook pages, there are several options available. But TabSite stands out as a reliable, dependable, and favored option for the four reasons mentioned above.

  1. Affordable

It is inexpensive. TabSite provides a range of choices and pricing levels. One app costs $29.95 a month, five cost $59.95, and limitless cost $79.95. Additionally, there are plans for franchises, bigger businesses, and agencies.

What is the use of Tabsite?

The tabsite’s unique media solutions and social interaction tools now encourage fan involvement, generate traffic, and boost brand awareness for companies all over the globe. Facebook users can quickly create, advertise, and administer Instagram contests, allowing businesses to engage with the mobile user base.


How Can You Create Custom Facebook Tabs using tabsite?

  1. You must ensure that a Page Tab link or URL is safe.   In essence, the URL will be the location where visitors go to view the content on your Facebook page.

2.The Page tab has to be configured once you’ve completed that. All you need to do is go to the Tabsite Dashboard and choose the Basic tab.

3.You’ll see a section labeled Add Platform. You must click on that area.

4.Now that you have everything you need, you may configure the settings for your new Facebook Page Tab.

5.Additionally, you could come across the Page Tab Edit URL

6.This specific URL may be used to modify the page tab application.


Final verdict

Through Tabsite, you may control the content of your custom tab as you see fit. You have complete control over the contents of your custom Facebook tab thanks to your ability to construct them anyway you choose. Additionally, you may include several photos, movies, messages, and other elements per your preferences, which improves the user experience.

The subscription edition of Tabsite, which costs $5 per month and gives you some professional capabilities like naming your own tab and uploading movies and PDFs, etc. is accessible in both free and paid versions.

Even though installing a tab site is a simple operation, if you are unfamiliar with it, expert assistance may be needed.

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