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By Tyler Damon

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We have seen numerous video downloader software applications online, but most of them are either not free or are full of viruses. Many of the developers don’t really bother to understand user needs and develop something, which may put users in issues. Many of them don’t really know how to use them or if they know, they never know how to operate. Experts have tried their level best and have tested many video downloader programs for various online platforms including Facebook and YouTube and have provided some best of them for the users to try.

These downloader programs are available to users at hand and sometimes if they have poor or slow internet connections, the video buffering and video playing would make things worse for them. Having the right and accurate video downloader, users can have a quick look at the downloads they need and can even watch them without the internet later on. You can find the same very easily online on Google by using Google Search by image option where you will see lots of them available as a list. Let us have a quick look over the best video downloading software programs.

WinX HD Video Converter

The best and the most awesome video downloader is WinX Deluxe and is quite impressive having lots of positive reviews. The amazing part of the same is that it doesn’t only grab videos but also converts them into any format as per users’ wishes. The same also rips content from DVD and Blu-Ray and allows you to burn your own ones. Tool handles 4K content with extreme ease and comfort and is not free but a paid one.

Online Video Downloader by SmallSEOtools

If you don’t want to download any video downloading software, then Online Video Downloader by SmallSEOtools is the best option you have. Simply grab the URL of the video or the page where you find the video paste it in the box and download the video in just seconds.

4K Downloader

The best feature of the same is that it is free to use and is actually a YouTube downloader. It is free, fast, and flexible to use video downloaders. It supports operating systems of Windows, MAC, and LINUX. Users enjoy the best formats’ choices. Numerous downloads playlists, bets support of 3D and 360 Degree videos, no bundled extra software, and much more. For grabbing video, just you need to copy the video URL from the web browser and then paste the same URL and select the input format you need plus quality and location, i.e. store path.

Any Video Downloader

The same is the best and the most widely used video downloader having top-rated reviews. This is because the tool not only lets you download videos but also you can convert the same in any format you wish easily within minutes. You can also add special effects plus animations and video editing. The tool provides you with extra support, the best video editing, one-time single downloads instead of batch downloads, and much more. The tool is free to use and is a brilliant program to download a single video at one time only.

Most importantly, it provides users with numerous video formats, which a user can choose for video conversion, and includes lots of editing options, i.e. color adjustments, overlay text adding, and much more.

Free YouTube Downloader

As the name suggests, the tool is only applicable for YT videos. The best feature of this video downloader is that it is an auto downloader i.e. it starts downloading itself once the video starts playing. It supports all browsers and users can enjoy downloading videos with comfort and ease in no time. The core features include auto-downloading, batch downloading, PC shutdown after the download finishes, a three-minute time limit, and much more.

Most importantly, you can download as many videos as you want all at the same time, and supported formats include MP4, AVI, MKV, and much more.

aTube Catcher

The same video downloader tool lets you download, convert, and merge videos especially when a user is playing them. It also has various formats and batches downloading options. File conversion is automatic and adware installer is embedded with the application setup. The tool catches and grabs videos from the most popular video sites, and the warning may be issued on some sites due to AdWare during installation.

The videos downloaded by the user can be easily converted to any format they wish, and there are a number of them available. If any user downloads many videos, he can do so altogether by maximizing the bandwidth and this is the only unique feature of this tool, which may not be found in any others. Just try Google Search by image option at SmallSEOtools where you would find many other features along with video downloading and you can try searching the same application images to have a bit of knowhow

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