These Are the Sites Where You Can Find Cool Public Domain Movies

Public domain movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie? While there is a vast movie collection on many platforms, there is a point when it feels like the list has come to an end. You may call Spectrum 1800 number to get your favorite package that offers a lot of film channels. But there will come a time when you feel like you have watched all the titles. However, what many people don’t know is that there is a mountain of movies available outside of these platforms.

Here’s the kicker; watching these movies doesn’t involve any monetary involvement. Now just because these movies are free doesn’t mean they are pirated or illegal to download. In fact, you can watch some top-notch movies in every genre on websites that provide free public domain movies. 

What Are Public Domain Movies?

Public domain movies are those which do not have copyrights. And these are the movies such websites promote. Other than that, films whose copyrights have not been renewed after 95 years of being labeled as intellectual property are also found on these websites. This is because such movies have become a part of the public domain as per American law. 

5 Best Websites for Free Public Domain Movies

Here are five of the best websites from where you can download public domain movies for free:

#1. Public Domain Torrents

This website not only stands on top of this list but all the websites granting access to public domain movies. Public Domain Torrents is the top source for downloading cult classics. Standing true to its name, Public Domain Torrents offers a stream of public domain movies and copyright-free shows to the audience to entertain from.

The website is not only useful but also extremely user-friendly. One may find no difficulty in finding a movie or show of their preference. On Public Domain Torrents, all the public domain movies and shows are categorized by their genres. There is a menu on the left-hand side of the landing page where there is a summed-up version of everything available on the website. The website offers something for everyone from action to sci-fi, adventure, comedy, horror, suspense/mystery, and series. Moreover, these royalty-free movies are accessible through AVI, MP4, and iPod.

#2. Public Domain Movies

Another valuable website that allows people to stream and download public domain movies freely is Public Domain Movies. The website is artistic and aesthetical but has one drawback; it does not provide a movie search engine. You can, however, make use of the genre-wise categorical organization to find a good movie to watch. Additionally, the best feature of Public Domain Movies is that it provides a plot summary and a cast list for almost all the movies in its directory.

#3. Crackle

Next in line is Crackle. Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, Crackle is a reliable website to watch timeless classics for free. The website offers popular movies and shows that are not found elsewhere on the net.

Moreover, it shows a synopsis of every movie in its database. All you need to do to access this Mount Everest of public domain movies and shows is create an account on Crackle and start watching. Once you have created a watchlist, Crackle will start giving you recommendations based on your watch history. The only con is that you will have to bear with ads.

Crackle supports many smart devices. You can watch your favorite shows and movies on your phone in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, or the Crackle App. You are also free to enjoy them on the big screen. PlayStation 4, Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, and Chromecast are a few devices that support Crackle on TVs.

#4. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a nifty resource for accessing public domain movies, archives, music, and audiobooks, either for direct streaming or downloading. The website makes available a huge catalog of movies, sorted by genres, years, and more. Most of these movies are available in multiple formats, so you may browse them all to find one with the highest screen resolution.

#5. Popcornflix

For all those indie-lovers out there, Popcornflix is just the site for you! The website grants instant access to over 1500 public domain movies and TV shows. Once on the website, simply head towards the Library, find a title to watch, and press Play. You will be welcomed by an ad first but will eventually get to the movie after a matter of seconds.


The aforementioned websites will provide you with hours of enjoyment streaming public domain movies. Now, this doesn’t mean you should cancel your Netflix subscription. Watch all the public domain movies you can, using the five websites mentioned above. Just make sure to check their copyright status to confirm that you are refraining from any illegal activities.