Pickashow app download latest version

Pikashow app download

What is Pickashow app download?

The Pickashow app download offers a simple standard version that may be found simply online. You may download this version of pikashow for free on your smartphone. This program has a lot of features that are entirely free to use, so you don’t have to pay anything to use it. However, there is one issue with this basic edition, which is the presence of advertisements. Because this program includes advertisements, you will see several pop-ups and video advertisements when using it on your mobile device.

Some great features of Pickashow app download

Multinational Television Networks

The Pickashow app aggregates channels from all across the world. The app offers a wide range of international networks that are streamed live. The channels are equipped with high-definition resolution services that broadcast everything in real-time.

Radio broadcasting in real-time

The tool is integrated with live radio and TV channel broadcasting systems. The application streams radio shows from all over the world without interruption, and it is entirely dependent on the signal strength of the Internet connection.


Most Android devices are compatible with the app. Tablets are also acceptable gadgets. On a variety of Android devices, the app runs quite well with no lags detected. On Android smartphones, the application performs identically.

User Assistance

The application has a user assistance system that responds quickly. If any of the users have a problem, whether it is a technical or non-technical issue. The user can quickly contact the customer support team, which will respond quickly with a solution.

Streaming in High Definition

Pickashow app download was created with a specific aim in mind. According to the strength of the user’s broadband connection, it can give the highest quality streaming available. The system essentially adapts the video resolution based on the signal strength.

Lightweight App

The Pickashow app download APK file is relatively small in size. It does not take up a lot of space in the device’s storage to install it. The app’s maximum memory requirement is in megabytes, indicating that it is not a particularly large application.

No Ads 

Ads irritate the majority of people, which is why the Pickashow app download is ad-free. You will never see advertising in this version since the app removes all advertisements from the program.

No registration required 

The fact that you can use the pikashow app without having to register is perhaps its finest feature. This program does not need an account to operate, so you may use it wherever and anywhere you like. 

Content for all Age

The software is well-designed so that it can determine what kind of material should be given to the user based on their age. For youngsters under the age of thirteen, there is indeed a cartoon area. A huge proportion of young viewers are watching their favorite cartoons on the site.


On Pikashow TV, you may watch a wide range of live channels. There are over 700 domestic and international channels available on the app, giving the user a lot of options.

User-friendly interface 

Among all the other rivals, this is a sophisticated application that is simple to use. It offers a very simple and user-friendly layout that helps users find the channels they need based on their preferences.

Daily updates 

With the passage of time, the application gets totally upgraded. However when the software package or the broadcast band is changed. All are maintained under strict surveillance to ensure that the user receives the finest outcomes possible.

Use it at no cost.

The app is a free Android app for mobile phones and tablets using Android operating systems. There are no in-app purchases necessary for the channels to broadcast.

Is Pikashow a safe place to visit?

Yes, it’s a safe and protected app. There is no way for this software to acquire private information, and there is no need to register. Simply download and install it on your phone to start enjoying high-definition content.

Is Pikashow illegal?

Yes, it is unlawful since Pikashow infringes on India’s copyright laws, and those who view it are complicit in the act.

What Makes Pikashow the Best?

This app has innovative and exciting features that you won’t find in any other TV app. As a result, you can watch any channel, featuring TV shows, live cricket events, and notably children’s programming. This indicates that this app is beneficial to both adults and children. 

Why pickashow app not working? 

The majority of Pikashow App users were unable to log in since the app was down. They could be wondering why Pikashow isn’t operating, and it’s possible that it’s due to routine maintenance. The app may not operate if your mobile network isn’t up to par. The solutions to the Pikashow App Not Working problem are shown below.

  • The app may be in repair mode, so please be patient.
  • It’s possible that the server is unavailable or overloaded.
  • Test your internet or data connection.
  • Verify the time and date settings on your device.
  • Restart your system.
  • Your device should be updated.

How to solve Pickashow app not working

Pickashow App not working is another important issue that users may encounter. When you use an older version of the software, this problem occurs. So, upgrade the Pikashow App to the latest version, and if the problem persists then follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

  1. To begin, go to the setup option.
  2. Now open your application manager.
  3. Look for the Pikashow App on the App Store.
  4. Then move to a different setting.
  5. Select Clear Cache and Data from the drop-down menu.
  6. Then launch the Pikashow application.

 Pickashow app download – Conclusion

Pikashow is a fantastic software since it has all of these features that you won’t find in any other webcasting app. The pikashow app’s best feature is that it is absolutely free to use. This software has no in-app purchases, which implies you can enjoy all of your favorite live Tv stations and films for free.

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