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From their first year, new students must sift through a wealth of information to succeed in life at SCAD. One of the major sites that students use throughout their college experience is the MyScad portal You will find detailed information about courses, registration, accommodation, jobs and more. First, navigation can be overwhelming since each page has a long list of links and sub-information. This article will be a basic and simple guide covering the main components of My SCAD Portal.

Academic standing and financial aid.

  • How to find your lesson plan

There are several ways to access MySCAD for , and they are all listed at the bottom of the Student Services page.

The easiest way to find this year’s calendar is via “My Corset.” Here, students can browse class times and locations as the instructor teaches. They can also access Blackboard here and go to the online library to find the supplies and books they need for each course.

” They also have access to more detailed programming through channel devices.”

  • where you can view your account

Students can view their course grades for each course this way, just below the Academic Details line in Student Services. They can earn their special points during midterms and finals.

  • Who are your mentors and how to contact them

Under Student Services, the Academic Profile channel breaks down a student’s program chronologically (major, grade, rank in class, degree, etc.). It lists academic advisors, student welfare advisors, career advisors and department heads. Next to each name is a small icon that allows students to contact their advisor via email.

Scroll down to the Student Services page and there is a Student Counseling section where students can consult and speak with their Student Success Advisor.

  • Notice of financial aid

At the bottom of my contact page, students can access my financial aid channel where they can check their financial aid status, find financial aid sources, and fill out necessary forms such as study the FAFSA for next year. As part of this screen, students can also submit required documentation for their financial aid.

Help with registration

  • How to find your degree organizer

The Degree Planner is a useful tool for enrollment. Here students can review all senior graduation requirements. There are several ways to access the MySCAD Student Services page at the bottom of the page |

One way to find a degree employer within a graduate department.

The Degree Planner can also be found in Student Services.

  • During registration 

The registration period is when students can add or drop classes to their schedule. This varies from course to course depending on the student and their credit hours. The student enrollment tool allows students to access the time enrolled in the workshop. Here they can see which portals have access times , when they are open, when they are closed, and their status, whether they are open or pending.

  • Look for rooms that can be recorded.

On the Student Workplace Registration Tools, students can request courses to be added for the next semester.

Do SCAD and beyond

  • How to apply for a student placement at SCAD.
  1. Enter the MySCAD “My Info” field
  2. Scroll down to “Student Activities ” , then “How to apply?”
  3. Select the desired filter in the task pane to search for the task.
  4. A confirmation screen will then be displayed; Click “Accept” to continue.
  5. Now, you can scroll down to see all the job postings. If you want to know more about a job, click on the title, which will take you to another page of descriptions. If you see multiple jobs you want to apply for, you can select them all by clicking the little box next to “SCAD” and then the blue “Apply to Selected Job” above.

  • Access to the SCAD Job Portal
  1. MySCAD and go to the “Student Activities” tab.
  2. and Success” and select the “SCAD Job Portal and Career Resources” tab.
  3. We will have another post explaining how to use the SCAD Job Portal.

  • How to direct students to the career success page
  1. MySCAD and go to the “Student Activities” tab.
  2. Scroll down, wherever you look at the “Alumni Careers and Achievements” section there will be all the information.
  3. There are several links on this page, each with a description of what it is about below.

With respect to personal information

  • How to change SCAD password
  1. Go to the “My Information” page.
  2. Select the hyperlink titled “Update MYSCAD Password” . This is the first time I’ve written it.

On this tab, you can change your information if you need to update emergency information, parking lots, addresses, and other details.

Access to free resources

  • Access to Autodesk software

Here, I’ll show you where you can access Autodesk products through MySCAD

Scroll down the “Resources” tab on the right side of the page until you see the “SCAD Offerings” tab near the bottom.

  • You can connect to Adobe Cloud

The course includes a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, which can be accessed through the MyScad page .

Under “Resources,” scroll down to SCAD Offerings, here are step-by-step instructions for accessing Creative Cloud.

SCAD has many resources, and with a little planning, students can access them all! The purpose of this article is to facilitate the reader through MySCAD I hope that after reading this, everyone will feel comfortable using this portal. As everyone progresses step by step, everyone can access the resources they need.

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