Moving Day Essentials You Don’t Want To Forget

Moving Day

You’ve packed all your belongings, disassembled furniture, and reserved your moving truck. You feel more than ready for your move, but did you forget anything? That nagging feeling can follow you right up until moving day and even after you begin to unpack everything in your new space.

Moving involves checking several boxes, even if you aren’t moving far and have little to take with you. In all the hustle, it’s easy to forget something important, something that can send your stress levels through the roof. Maintain your peace of mind by remembering these moving day essentials.


Your chances of needing a well-stocked toolkit during the last days in your current place and your first days in your new place are sky-high. Simple tools like a rechargeable flashlight, measuring tape, and pliers are sure to come in handy, so keep them close at hand. 

While packing your toolkit, prioritize versatile tools. For instance, LED flashlights brighten dark spaces and double as power banks for electronic devices if they have a USB charging port.

Colored Labels

You may have several last-minute items to pack that either didn’t fit or didn’t belong in boxes you’ve already packed. Use colored labels to differentiate between the various and sundry.

While you could write on the labels, using colored labels makes it easy to know what’s in a box from across the room without reading anything. Create a color-coded system, so you, the movers, and anyone else helping you know which room a box belongs in.

Cleaning Supplies

You scrubbed your old space down from top to bottom, but when moving day comes, small messes and spots can pop up out of nowhere. Or maybe you track dirt and dust in your new place while moving in. Either way, having cleaning supplies close at hand saves you the trouble of searching through packed boxes for scrubbing sponges and cleaning products.

You only need a few supplies to handle most moving day cleaning emergencies. Bring multi-purpose cleaning spray, sponges, paper towels, a handheld vacuum, and a broom and dustpan. Pack laundry and dishwasher detergent at the top of a box, so you can access them easily.


You don’t realize how many devices require batteries until you move. From TV remotes and smoke detectors to garage door openers and flashlights, packing an assortment of batteries can make your last days in your current place and your first days in your new place a dream rather than a nightmare.

A Packed Cooler

Between packing, hauling, unpacking, and delegating, you can burn a lot of energy. Rather than worry about ordering delivery or trying to fit in a quick trip to the grocery store, pack a cooler with water and snacks.

Whatever goes into your cooler, aim for high-protein snacks that replenish fuel levels and foods that don’t leave a mess. Sandwiches, protein bars, dried fruit, and nuts are ideal choices that will satisfy you without making you feel too full to get back to work.

If you hire movers or ask friends to help you move, pack a few food items for them, too. They’re sure to appreciate it!

A “Go” Bag

A “go” bag can become a “lifesaver” bag during a move. It’s a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag packed with items you’ll need on moving day and the days following. In it, you can store toiletries, an extra set of clothes, chargers, medications, and important documents.

Set the bag aside in your car or another safe spot, so it’s not packed with the rest of your belongings. Even after getting settled in your new place, keep a “go” bag handy for emergencies.

While moving day may come with its share of obstacles, having the right items on hand helps you navigate setbacks with ease. Leave space on your checklist for the above moving day essentials.