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Mediatakeout (also known as MTO News) is a blog-type gossip site focused primarily on entertainment and celebrities featuring African-American journalists and celebrities.

The website was founded by former corporate lawyer Fred Mwangguhunga. Mwangguhunga was born in Washington, DC.

Features included appearances from Good Morning America, Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen, The New York Times, BT Style, MTV News and the New York Post’s “Page Six” column, as well as radio personalities such as Wendy Williams and Howard Stern and Tom Joyner . Mediatakeout has opened up many stories including Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy, Remy Ma’s allegations and Michael Jordan’s divorce. “We get 90% of our stories from insiders who want to change things like hairdressers, bodyguards or frustrated ex-boyfriends,” says Mwangaguhunga.

Why it’s important to invite clients to a media tour

Press tours and advocacy are two important aspects of a PR professional’s daily life.

As PR professionals, we feel that sometimes we need to ask representatives of different brands to join us on press tours. Here are some reasons why we think it’s just as important to talk to your customer.

  1. The face of the brand

A brand ambassador’s interaction with the media puts the face of the brand. It’s important to get out into the virtual world and put clients in person on media, not just in a presentation envelope. This increases brand loyalty and the communication also creates recall value.

  1. Practice listening to the horse gate

Sometimes it is better for brand ambassadors to contact a public relations ambassador from a press agency to find Mediatakeout analysis of the brand. Sometimes customers don’t understand why the media isn’t interested in their brands.

I believe media exposure allows the agent to understand and appreciate the efforts of the PR professional and potential changes to their current pitch.

  1. Practical symbols

When a brand approaches a reporter to report an invitation to an event or the launch of an event, it is considered courtesy. It also gives customers the chance to quickly see media reactions to their business or innovation.

  1. Know your effort

A lot of effort goes into scheduling meetings and then getting documents for press conferences. If your client is similarly invited, he or she will recognize the hard work involved in all PR-related activities.

  1. The relationship with the customer improves

A press tour is usually a full-day affair where the PR professional and the client meet with someone to pitch a story. This is the day when the client appreciates the effort that goes into delivering a story. Activities like having lunch together build rapport as you work to find ways to inspire journalists to write about the brand.

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