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MacBook 12in m7 was an impressive upgrade to the Apple MacBook range in the year the year 2015. It was a stunning appearance and strong processor. There are a number of upgraded MacBook models have landed on the marketplace since it’s introduction. The latest MacBook models have features that are more advanced than previous models. These are upgrades that improve performance and speed. Furthermore, they offer users with more time between charges to allow for continuous productivity.

So, it’s crucial to determine if it’s worth the MacBook 12 inch model is worthy of investment. In this post we’ll look at the Macbook’s 12” different features and specifications in order to determine if it’s worth the investment by 2023, for prospective buyers.

What is Macbook 12in M7

MacBook 12in M7 a variant of the MacBook which has a 12- inch screen and Intel Core M7 processor. It was first introduced in the year 2015, but it was pulled in the year 2019. The model is renowned for its portability, elegant style, and speedy performance. With these characteristics this model is a favorite with those who are looking for efficiency as well as mobility.

Macbook 12in M7 Review

1. Performance and Storage Capacity

When it comes to measuring the efficiency of laptops There are two crucial elements to be considered. One is the processor’s performance in addition to the amount of storage space that is available. Macbook 12in M7 has a powerful 2.6GHz processor that is capable of handling any of the toughest jobs effortlessly.

For storage, it is equipped with 8 GB of RAM. That’s typically more than adequate for the majority of users. The upgrade to 16GB may be possible if you want additional storage capacity. Furthermore, this device has an maximum capacity of 64/512. This means that the device is able to handle many programs and operations simultaneously with no any lag or delays.


  • The processor M7 is able to handle everyday activities like surfing the internet as well as emailing and the creation of documents.
  • It’s capable of handling the editing of photos and videos in light projects.
  • With its powerful processor and eightGB of RAM MacBook’s 12″ MacBook can manage many tasks and apps at once.
  • The Intel Core M7 processor within the 12″ Macbook offers high processing speed.
  • Plenty of storage space for usage, including the storage of images, documents, music as well as videos.


  • The processor may not be quite as efficient as the most recent MacBook models, meaning it will struggle to tackle the more challenging task.
  • Because of its limitations in processing it is not able to handle tasks that require significant processing power, for example 3D modeling or editing videos are not possible using this processor.
  • The MacBook 12 inch M7 features one USB-C connector, which means that customers will need to buy docks or adapters to connect storage devices from other sources.

2. Display and Graphics

The MacBook 12in M7 comes with the 12″ Retina display that has 2304 1440 x 2304 resolution. The IPS display has exceptional quality of color as well as large viewing angles. True Tone tech adjusts color temperature according to the environment. Bezels that are slim provide a comfortable visual experience.

This Intel HD Graphics 615 in the 12 inches MacBook delivers seamless graphics that is suitable for everyday use. It has dual display support and mirroring of video, which allows users to use both the internal and external display. Both displays have native resolution of 4096 x 2304 pixels at 60Hz. They also offer many colours. This display is of high-end quality and perfect for daily use.


  • It is also energy efficient and helps preserve the life of batteries.
  • The screen measures 12 inches and is built with tough material to protect it from scratches as well as other types of harm.
  • This ambient light sensor will adjust the screen’s brightness according to the lighting in the room, which helps to reduce the strain on your eyes.
  • The graphics processor is ideal for simple photo and video editing. It allows users to edit videos and pictures.
  • The graphics processor can be used for casual gaming. This makes it ideal for laptop users who love gaming on laptops.


  • The display of 12 inches may feel small to some people who have used larger screen sizes.
  • The maximum brightness of the display isn’t as bright that on laptops of the latest generation which makes it difficult to be used in bright lighting.
  • The graphic performance is limited and it might not be suitable for high-end software like 3D modeling, and video rendering.
  • The graphics processor isn’t capable of being upgraded.
  • The graphics processor is not suited to run the most recent and most demanding applications or games that use virtual reality.

3. Battery Performance

The battery life of a laptop is vital for laptop owners. The MacBook 12 inch m7 features the most powerful battery, which provides the possibility of up to 10 hours battery life on a single charge. The battery can be utilized to work and play without worries about battery life running out.

The life of its battery is remarkable and solid. It provides consistent, long-lasting performance whether you are working or enjoying. Its energy efficient design extends the battery’s life, without impacting efficiency.


  • The battery’s lifespan is amazing and it can last for lengthy time without needing to recharge.
  • It is quick to charge, which allows users to charge their laptops whenever they need to.
  • It’s built with a long-lasting design which reduces the requirement to replace it frequently.
  • The MacBook 12″ M7 comes with an extremely low power usage, that helps preserve battery life and increase the lifespan of batteries.


  • With time the life span is diminished. MacBook 12” M7 will decrease. This could affect its overall life span that the battery will last.
  • The Macbook isn’t as efficient in energy use as laptops that are more modern, which results in a shorter battery lifespan as well as more frequently charged.
  • The MacBook 12″ M7’s powerful components rapidly drain batteries when performing graphics-intensive tasks like gaming or other heavy-duty applications.
  • The battery is non-user-replaceable, which makes it difficult to replace if it fails to function.

4. Size and Weight

It’s the Macbook 12in M7 features a thin and light Macbook made for those who are always in motion. It measures between 0.14-0.52 inches in width, 11.04 inches in width, 7.74 inches in depth with a weight of just 2.03 pounds, this is among the lightest and thinst macbooks on the market.

The laptop’s light weight and compact style make it an ideal option for college students, business professionals or anybody who is looking for a laptop that can be trusted to use for daily tasks. If you have to work at the move or take the laptop around on campus it won’t burden you with weight.


  • Its slim profile allows easy transportability, allowing it easily fit into bags or backpack.
  • The small size of the unit allows it to be used even in small spaces such as airplanes or in coffee shops.
  • Because it is more mobile than bigger laptops, this model is an ideal option for professionals the ability to work from multiple places.


  • Its small size may not make sense for people who need more screen space for activities or entertainment.
  • The trackpad and keyboard are both smaller than other MacBook models. It could require some time to get used to.
  • The slim design can render it less durable and prone to damage from accidental falls or handling.

5. Wireless

The Macbook 12in M7 is a unimpeded wireless connectivity that allows to connect easily traveling. It is equipped with 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless network which is compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n which ensures speedy and reliable internet connectivity. When you’re working on an assignment or stream your favourite video the Macbook is the perfect choice.

Furthermore, this laptop is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 which allows wireless connectivity for phones, earbuds as well as smartwatches. It is easy to transfer photos, files and documents between devices using no cords or cables.

6. Keyboard and Trackpad

MacBook M7 comes with an all-size keyboard that has LED-lit backlit keys functions and arrow keys as well as the ability to detect ambient lighting. Furthermore, the extremely flexible Force Touch trackpad supports various actions like Force clicks as well as pressure-sensitive drawing. High-quality input tools enable you to use macOS effortless and simple.

Overall all, the MacBook 12″ M7’s trackpad and keyboard can be a great choice for users looking for high-quality input tools. The keyboard offers a pleasant typing experience while the trackpad is quick and precise. The combination of both makes it easy to navigate as well as control of macOS.

7. User Experience

The MacBook 12in M7 provides users a pleasant experience, with an easy and user-friendly interface. Its features in software are designed to integrate seamlessly with the hardware and provide dependable performance that is suitable for every day usage. Its light weight and sleek design makes it lightweight and portable. The trackpad and keyboard provide an ergonomic and accurate input experience, as well as its display that offers high quality and accuracy in color.

Additionally, it comes with an endurance of up to 10 hours in one charge. Wireless connectivity is seamless which allows fast and reliable Internet access as well as simple file sharing using Bluetooth. In the end the MacBook 12” M7 is an extremely reliable and practical laptop, with a great performance and design to be used for daily use.


The Macbook 12in M7 wasn’t affordable when it first came out in the year 2015. The starting price was $1,299 – much more expensive than models with comparable specs when it was released. Many people complained over the price. In the past prices fluctuated based on the upgrades, capacity of storage and discounts as well as promotional offers.

Recently, second-hand 12 ” Macbooks are being sold on local marketplaces for as little as 300-$500. They are second-hand Macbooks are still able to provide good efficiency and performance. It is also an excellent option for those looking for a low-cost Macbook.

8. Macbook 12in M7 Technical Specifications

Display Retina display, IPS-enhanced 12 inch display
Resolution 2304×1440, with 226 PPI
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Processor Intel Core m7 processor (Skylake) at 1.3 GHz (M7-6Y75)
Memory 8GB of LPDDR3 with 1866MHz, configurable up to 16 GB
Storage either 256 and 512 GB SSD using PCIe
Graphics and Video Support Intel(r) HD Graphics 515 that allows up to 4K resolution.
Camera FaceTime camera that has resolution of 480 pixels
Audio Two headphones, stereo speakers 3.5 headphone jack of 3.5mm
Operating System macOS
Available Colors Rose Gold, Space Dark, Gold, and Silver
Note LPDDR3 is a reference to Low Power Double Data Rate 3 PCIe means Peripheral Connector Interconnect Express.


The MacBook 12in m7 is an impressive and stylish laptop launched in 2015 however, several more modern MacBook models have been launched from the time. The MacBook 12in m7 could perform well for a particular job, but when compared with competitors, its design appearance isn’t exactly spectacular. As an example, the MacBook is able to handle an average of eight cases per minute in Human Progress VI and a horrible one in Hearthstone.

But, the 12-inch Macbook has a stunning display and reliable battery power as well as a powerful processor. Its compact and light weight aspect makes it a great alternative for those looking to maximize mobility. In the end, whether or not you think the MacBook 12′ M7 is an option to buy in 2023 is determined by the individual’s specific wants and needs as well as budget.


Q What are the Macbook 12in M7’s advantages?A: The Macbook 12in M7’s advantages include its light appearance, a large-resolution display and a long battery lifespan as well as a fast processor.

Q What are the cons to MacBook 12in M7’s pros?
A MacBook 12in M7 MacBook 12in M7’s downsides include the price tag, its limited ports and a weaker processor in comparison to the other models.

Q: Could use the MacBook 12in M7 be utilized efficiently for video conference?
A Yes, it’s appropriate for videoconferencing due its top-quality front-facing camera and microphone in addition to its internet connectivity and reliability.

Q: Could you upgrade the Macbook 12in’s M7’s graphic processor get improved?
A: No, the graphic processor in the Macbook cannot be upgraded since it is part of the logic board.

Does the MacBook 12 M7 work with additional graphics cards?
A: Sadly this card does not work with external graphics cards.

Q: Could editing video be done efficiently using the MacBook 12″ M7?
A: It’s perfect for simple video editing, but it is not suited for large-scale projects and it is not the best choice for professional editing videos.

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