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Cast: Satyam Rajesh, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Baladitya, Rakendumouli, Getup Srinu, Sahiti Dasari and others.

Music: Gyaani

Cinematography: Kushendar Ramesh Reddy

Producer: Gauri Krishna

Writer-Director: Anil Vishwanath


The suspense film Maa oori polimera 2 premiered on Hotstar about two years ago to much praise. Fans won’t have to wait long for the sequel to continue where the first film left off. The movie is launching in theatres for the first time, and it’s anticipated to perform well. Let’s check out the end outcome.

What a Mess!

Many people in the hamlet of Jasthi Palli die at the hands of Komiri (Satyam Rajesh), a black magician and automobile driver. He puts on a death mask so he may slip away to Kerala, India, with his lover Kavitha. Jangayya, also known as Baladitya, his brother, who had been searching for him, suddenly disappears. During this time, Komiri’s wife and kid encounter several problems at home and in the community. The new police chief, Ravindra Nayak (Rakendumouli), begins to investigate Komiri and Jangayya. As he continues his investigation, he finds out some shocking information. He finds out that Komiri’s evil magic has some connection to the deserted temple outside of town. Just what is the link? What exactly is Komiri’s end goal? In what ways did he encounter setbacks on the way to his objective? These questions and their resolution serve as the story’s climax.

Keying in on:

The story revolves around Satya Rajesh while the rest of the cast is getting warmed up. The low production standards and reliance on a rural setting in “Ma Oori Polimera” stem from the film’s limited budget. There was improper language and some offensive moments. Almost two years ago, this was the recipe for ‘Ma Oori Polimera,’ a program launched on Disney + Hotstar. Viewers favorably received the film, and it quickly became one of the most-seen films on that SVOD platform. The unexpected turns and twists throughout the film are partly responsible for its success in surpassing everyone’s expectations. The conclusion will catch you off guard. The audience’s curiosity was piqued by a mysterious ending that alluded to a possible continuation. The filmmaker took cues from what worked in the first picture and applied them to the new one. Anil Vishwanath’s constant shifts in tone and subject matter are intended to shock the reader. Unfortunately, he neglected to use logic throughout this process, leading to several odd situations that detract from the film’s overall quality.

The original Maa oori polimera 2 and the sequel Maa oori polimera 2 both have scenes that may upset specific audiences. Human sacrifice, witchcraft, and rituals are just a few examples of how contemporary society portrays evil in ways that may not ring true for everyone. The movie only zoomed in on certain specific portions, so they seemed hazy. The story is partially situated in the present day and partially in the magical and fictitious world. It’s weird when authors make it appear like these things are occurring now. Conceptually, it transports you back many decades. Anyone thinking about seeing Maa oori polimera 2 should see the first film in the series to get a sense of the tone and narrative, and should only go to the cinemas if they are prepared for what they can see.

In Maa oori polimera 2 you will be startled to find that you get surprised or aroused at regular intervals without asking for justification. The fears mentioned above will not be taken into account. This part of the movie is much more suspenseful than the first. The movie merely exists to shock and wow its viewers with new material. When Komiri finally shows up and explains what’s going on, the movie picks up a lot of steam and becomes more thrilling than it was at the beginning. Constant shock value is excellent for an audience. If the first performance surprises you, the second will blow your mind. The film’s exploration of witchcraft and the occult undoubtedly provided the filmmaker with a welcome sense of mental release. A single magic thread can’t possibly hold someone captive and keep them as a friend for years. Several examples of this, each of which defies logic and common sense. Scenes like his gulping down the blood of someone he loved intensely are horrible and challenging to absorb.

Nonetheless, this aspect was crucial to the success of the first picture, so it was recycled in the follow-up. New surprises are introduced regularly, keeping the audience on the edge since the tale never follows a predictable course. As soon as we provide an answer to a question, another one appears. This continues until all of the questions have been answered. Because the filmmakers decided to use this method, there is a cliffhanger at the conclusion. There’s room here for a third book to be written. You’ll like Maa oori polimera 2 if you enjoyed “Polimera – 1” and are ready for more of the same, but you should go into it with an open mind and no preconceived notions.

Shows and other events

Satyam Rajesh gives a fantastic performance as Komiri. This time, it was his responsibility to carry entire weight on his shoulder. His main character goes in two different directions throughout the book. He could handle the burden of the bad characteristics. The character played by Kamakshi Bhaskarla excels in the film’s dramatic third act after barely surviving the first two. Her performance is superb, and she has a happy ending because of a significant plot point in which she is involved. The actors who portrayed Rajesh’s uncle and Rakendumouli as the Special Investigator were both excellent in their respective parts. While Getup Srinu and the rest of the group excelled, Baladitya was stifled.

Workers in technical and related support roles

The production values of Maa oori polimera 2 are almost acceptable. GThere are too many songs, and they make little of an impact. The cinematography by Kushendar Ramesh Reddy is appropriate for the kind of film being made. The episode was much better produced than the last one. But there are a few spots when we may argue that the directors cheated. Anil Vishwanath, who penned the screenplay and directed the film, gave his all to creating and delivering the plot’s many twists and turns. The audiences were nevertheless thrilled by his performances, even if he went a touch over the top. He addressed the audience members who had just finished seeing the last film. It’s possible that Maa oori polimera 2 won’t have the same impact on viewers who didn’t see the first film in the series.


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