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The COVID 19 cases in Kerala have been on the rise and to contain the spread, the Keral government has been taking several steps to break the chain. One of the restrictions has been through closure of the borders and restrictions applied on the entry and exit from the state.

In view of the growing number of Coronavirus cases, the government of Keral has enforced a number of precautionary measures. A few of the restrictions and measures are in the form of a partial lockdown, a complete shutdown in certain regions, closure of educational institutions, prohibition on mass gatherings, and restriction on movement across the border. The Kerala EPass is one such measure taken by the government.

What is Kerala EPass?

Kerala EPass refers to the permission taken for the cross border travel from and into Kerala. It is designed as an obligatory document that you would need from travelling into and out of the state. The movement will be allowed only for the people related to the essential services. It can also be availed by the people who are in the need to travel in case of emergency.

If you want to get the details of how to avail Kerala ePass,  continue reading on.

How to apply Kerala ePass Online?

As per the Keral ePass guidelines, people can carry out inter state and inter district movement only in the case of an emergency. However, this kind of travel would invariably need a permission. The emergency travel of interstate or inter district nature, or even the entry of visitors into and out of the state will require them to be registered on the Jagratha portal.

Registering themselves on the Jagratha portal will enable the people and visitors to get the valid lockdown ePass for travel within the state, interstate or even inter district itinerary. All the citizens who wish to travel for emergency or other needs should register on the portal and get a valid ePass for the purpose.

Here are the details on Kerala ePass –

  • State applicable – Kerala
  • Portal – Covid 19 Jagratha Portal
  • Higher authority – Government of Kerala
  • What is the need – Issue of ePass for interstate and inter district travel
  • Mode of application – Online
  • Portal address –

What is Jagratha Portal?

Keral government has streamlined and brought all the COVID 19 related services under one umbrella. The Covid 19 Jagratha portal is the digital platform that combines all the services designed and developed with respect  to Covid 19 management.

The portal provides you all the information pertaining to the Covid 19 management in the state. You can get a complete information on the status of the bed occupancy and the ICUs in the state of Kerala. You can get access to all the details about the services available at the empanelled hospitals for the Coronavirus management. The service also provides you access to ePass for travel to and from other districts and states. The portal also provides you access to a complete info on the nearby Covid care centres, and the containment zones in the state.

How to apply for Kerala ePass on Jagratha Portal?

Kerala ePass is provided for the travellers for travelling beyond the boundaries of the state of Kerala. Based on the nature of the visit, you can apply for different modes of travel requirement. The options available for the preferences would include Emergency travel, short/ regular travel, and domestic/ international/ athidhi entry.

Here are the steps involved in how to get the ePass in Kerala –

  • Visit the official website at
  • On the menu bar click on the Citizen tab
  • Under Visitors Entry, pick the option for the type of travel you want to go with

The choice of the travel mode would include

  1. Domestic Entry – Returning to the state from a national travel
  2. International Entry – Travellers coming from abroad
  3. Atidhi Entry – People visiting from other states
  4. Emergency Travel – Movement within state
  5. Short or regular travel

The applicants will now need to enter their mobile number.

Further steps would include

  • As soon as you enter your mobile number, you should receive an OTP on your phone
  • Verify the OTP number
  • You should now get the application form displayed on your screen

The application form will have the complete details of the traveller. The details would include

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • ID number
  • Origination Address
  • Destination Address
  • Email
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Number
  • Reason for travel

You will need to enter the details of each of the passengers who will be travelling. Once that done, you should upload your RTPCR report, done within 48 hours.

Click on the Submit option and you will receive a link on your mobile number. You an track your ePass application on the link and download it when it is approved.

How to track your Kerala ePass application?

You can easily track your Keral ePass application and ascertain whether it has been approved or not.

Here is how you can do it –

  • Open the official website for Jagratha portal
  • Go to the path – Citizens > Visitors Entry > Track Your Application.
  • In the next screen, provide your mobile number and select the type of application from the dropdown list
  • Enter the captcha code provided
  • Verify the OTP sent to your mobile number
  • The status of your Kerala ePass application will be visible on your screen.

What documents do you need for Kerala ePass?

For applying to the Kerala ePass, you will need to have the following documents handy. If you do not have any of them, your application will not be submitted.

  • Proof of identity
  • Negative RTPCR report – tested within 48 hours period
  • Recent photograph
  • Active mobile number

The Closing Thoughts

Well, if you are planning to visit Kerala or in Kerala and want to travel to another district, opting for a valid Kerala ePass is mandatory. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents and apply for the ePass through the official Jagratha portal. Having a valid Kerala ePass will ensure that you have no hassles in travelling comfortably within or outside the state.

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