How to use social media to increase website traffic

increase website traffic

Marketing experts indicate that the increase in website traffic is directly caused by social media marketing in nine of ten websites. No wonder that is the case, as today social media is a platform with 3,4 billion active users. Therefore, social media has become the primary source of driving traffic. Neglecting social platforms for marketing purposes is a disadvantage that will make you inferior to competitors. Copywriting Chicago knows the best practice in using social media for marketing purposes, and today’s post will be dedicated to providing the answers on how to take the advantage of social platforms to increase website traffic and prosperity.

Social media are a powerful tool that can provide you with many benefits such as increasing brand awareness, engaging users, generating leads, creating brand loyalty, connecting with your target audience, getting feedback, improving SEO, and many many others.

Now, let’s start with steps that will make social media work in your advance:

  • Determine the right social media channel for your business

After deciding on your target audience explore what is their favorite social media. Depending on demographic characteristics (age, ethnicity, gender, income, location, level of education, and others) determine who is your ideal customer. Then examine their intent, motive, and affinities and opt for the social platform your buyer’s personas are most present on. 

You don’t have to present on all social media platforms but ones that best suit your preferences. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for B2C interaction. LinkedIn is an eminent medium for B2B correspondence. Pinterest can be a medium of choice for brands with products with visual values, while Instagram is a potent platform for retailers. Besides mentioned, there are many other platforms adequate for your business niche, and you can use a few platforms to establish your brand presents in multiple spheres.

  • Social medial profiles optimization

It is crucial to optimize your social media profile, as it represents your business and brand and provides recognition. Optimization of a profile is equally important for a website’s SEO. Therefore, implementing the right and relevant keywords, and information in the profile details is significant. Social media and websites intertwine so this traffic is considered a two-way street.

Every social media platform has a place reserved for implementing links to your website, in order to make the connection between the site and social profiles and introduce your business to the audience. This feature directs traffic from social media to your website.

Additionally, adding social media links to your website is a superior feature in SEO optimization. 

  • Add to your social media posts

Adding links to your content provides users the opportunity to know more about your content, and find more information. Every social media platform allows adding at least one link to the content. 

Youtube allows you to add links to video captions. Additionally, you can add links in pop-ups and on the screen at the end of the video. 

Instagram allows users to add links by implementing stickers in stories, and CTA  buttons to redirect visitors to the link in your profile bio.

Twitter permits users to add a link to tweets which provides automated link preview. Also, tweeter`s carousel and cards can impart one or a few clickable images that redirect users to an external webpage.

LinkedIn allows users to integrate links directly in the caption which displays a clickable image with a link preview. Additionally, you can later remove the link from the capture remaining only the link preview.

Facebook has the same features as LinkedIn referring to adding links, with the addition to adding links to Facebook Stories.

Snapchat allows users to add links to stories.

TikTok permits users to add links in video captions, or to pay for ads. 

  • Use content methods that encourage click-through

Social media content should impart captivating visuals along with the interesting text. You should be aware of how to become a content creator for getting better results Arouse visitor’s curiosity using the following techniques:

  • Make a hook – this refers to creating intriguing headlines while leaving the link where interested users can find more about it.
  • Stimulate users’ FOMO (fear of missing out) which refers to emphasizing how important it is for them to find out more about the subject and not to be last to know.
  • Play on emotions – emotional and provocative images and messages triggers users’ emotions driving them to continue to engage with your content.
  • Add CTA – this is the simplest and easiest way to encourage users to find out more about your website. Providing CTA buttons will link your posts to your website by directly signifying them what to do.

When implementing mentioned techniques, be sure to deliver users’ promised content and avoid misleading and sensational headlines that lead to low-quality web pages. 

  • Encourage the share of your social media content

Encouraging visitors to share your content on their social media profiles donates to brands’ integrity and publicity. To stimulate users to share your content use appealing images and cover popular topics, or simply ask users to share. Besides embedding sharing buttons in your content, impart hashtags, headings, and links. A hashtag is a convenient feature that allows you to see when users are mentioning your brand or products in various content while making your content easier to find.

  • Consistently engage with your target audience

Social media provides a direct way to communicate with your target audience. Constant engagement with the audience will provide you feedback in real-time, improves audience opinion about your company, and drives more traffic to both your social media profile and website.

To keep consistency is required to regularly post relevant content. Different platforms demand different posting densities, for example, Facebook’s minimum posting frequency is one post a day, while Twitter prefers 15 posts daily, Linked frequency is at least 8 times per day, and Instagram’s recommended publishing frequency is 8 posts daily. For measuring ideal posting frequency look for competitors’ density and audience response and preferences. 

  • Run Social media contests

Social media polls and contests are a great way to further engage the audience. Quizzes, contests, Q&A, and polls encourage users to like, share and follow while motivating the users to communicate.

  • Join Social Groups

Participating in community groups is a great way to the reach audience. Social media groups gather users with the same interests and participating in groups with your target audience provides you a chance to identify their affinities to your products. Besides that, there are social platforms created for specific industries such as GoodReads for book readers and authors. Additionally, you can create a group related to your business niche.

  • Collaborate with influencers

Influencers have an impact on their followers. Find the right influencer and establish good collaboration and relationships that will endorse your brand and direct followers to your products and social media profiles.

  • Adjust your message on different social media platforms

Various social media requires a different approach in structuring and appearance. Differences between social media channels demand different forms. For instance, the same message has to be adapted to fit the Instagram format which differs from LinkedIn.

  • Be responsive

Try to be as responsive as possible to user comments on your posts. This approach makes the audience feel apprised and builds a strong relationship with your audience. Tip: implement a website link in your response so the users can find more information on your website which consequently increases traffic. 

Final Thoughts

Consistency and persistence are necessary for maintaining social media profiles alive. Nonetheless, the presence in social channels is demanding for increasing the traffic to the website and successful SEO as social media have become game-changers in online marketing. With effort and patience, your social media channels will bring the wanted results in the long term.