How to see who shared your instagram post

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How to see who shared your Instagram post 

Instagram is a prominent social networking tool that enables you to express your feelings and experience with the rest of the people. Due to the epidemic, this social network is growing even more prominent. Due to the circumstances, Instagram’s daily active users increased by 3.6 percent in the United States alone. 

Many companies and even personal Instagram users utilize the post to provide the client metric to determine how well their postings are aligned with their viewer’s interests. It’s simple to “Like” a piece, but sharing it with others might make it much more helpful to the viewers. Here are two methods on How to see who shared your instagram post. Stay tuned!

How to see How to see who shared your instagram post in business account

One must have a business or creator account so you can track who has shared your Instagram posts. It’s worth noting that this approach simply allows you to check the total number of times your Instagram post has been shared. According to Instagram’s guideline on user privacy, you won’t be able to view the actual user account that shared your post or who it was shared with. However, you can estimate how much attention your article will generate.

  1. Open your Instagram account setting and scroll down to the account option.
  2. Click on the switch to business account option.
  3. Now open your instagram account again and Select upon that post you’d want to see who shared it.
  4. When you select the View insights button on the lower left of your published picture, a user layout will appear with all of your post’s data.
  5. The jet symbol represents the total number of times your post has been shared.
  6. This feature is only available to Business or Creators accounts. This functionality is unavailable to other users. Making an excellent post with a great caption will compel people to share it on a regular basis.

How to see who shared your instagram post step by step guide 

  1. Go to your account and choose the appropriate post.
  2. Then, on your Instagram picture, select ‘View Insights.’ A number will appear directly beneath the directional symbol if your post was reshared. This will show you how many times your content has been reshared.
  3. On your profile section click on three dot options.
  4. Select ‘View Story Reshares’ from the drop-down menu. 
  5. You’ll be sent to a page called ‘Current Public Reshares,’ on which you can check the number of times people have shared on your Instagram post their stories.
  6. To find out who posted the post, go to the user’s story by clicking on a reshared story in the matrix.
  7. There from, you could see the identity and select on the profile.

Why it is important to see who shared your instagram post

First of all, it demonstrates how famous and insightful your piece was since others were eager to share it. Secondly, when people post your picture on Instagram, it enhances engagement. Do not neglect the strength of shared posts on Instagram likes app interaction, since the Platform is always evolving, and shared posts are becoming more important for audience and influence.

How to see all the posts that mentioned you on Instagram?

In order to acknowledge the originating account and prevent any copyright concerns, Influencer usually notes it on their reused material. In your profile, you’ll see a list of all the posts to which you’ve been tagged. However, there are occasions when people share your picture and merely name you in their description, resulting in only a single notice on your smartphone.

Furthermore, if you operate an Instagram company, such as selling clothing, users may often mention you in their descriptions and also in the replies. It’s difficult to keep track of and handle all of the posts you’ve mentioned. So, what are your options?

  1. sign up for any online tools that provide post-tracking features.
  2. Then, on your easy-to-use dashboard, add all of your Instagram profiles.
  3. Check the post remark function to check whether your picture has been shared.

Are you unable to see who has shared your post?

If the View Story Reshares option is not available on your post, it means that no one has reposted it. Normally, all users have access to this function.

When a post is shared to someone’s story for the first time, the View Story Reshares feature is enabled. The feature may be deleted after 24 hours since the narrative is only 24 hours long. The absence of the choice is also due to the fact that the account that shared your article is private. 

What method do you use to keep track of Instagram shares?

The stats for every individual Instagram post may also be seen by selecting the View Statistics link underneath the item in your timeline. This will display the total number of likes, replies, bookmarks, private message sharing, and reach in a little pop-up box.

How to know who unfollowed me on instagram?

Just go to their Instagram profile and click on the “Follow” button. You’ll see a list of people who are following that user there. You may fairly presume you’ve been unfollowed if you know they were following you and you’re not on their list. Doesn’t it seem to be simple?


Instagram is a strong social media platform, and by making use of all of its features, users may better control their identity and impact. You can better grasp the portion of the market share of your profile and other valuable tips by observing who is engaged in and sharing your content. So this was all about How to see who shared your Instagram post. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and for more such content keep visiting our website.