Here are the simplest ways to help you get Instagram free followers

By Tyler Damon

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Instagram with its so many active users is a social media that is growing every day and it has come for above other social media apps like Facebook or Twitter etcetera.

Today it’s one of the favourite of many people and it is used across the world for entertainment business marketing as well as networking. There are so many advantages of Instagram that people around the world are using it but without the right amount of followers you can have a problem and this is why you should get Instagram free followers.


Instagram is like a simplified version of Facebook where everyone creates a profile and has news feed as well. It is more of a photography app that works on liking and following other people’s accounts. Here you can interact with users as well and comment like in follow them as well as private message them. You can also save photos that you see on Instagram. It works both on iOS as well as android devices and it can also be accessed on the web full stop all you have to do is create an account using the app and then you can use it for free and for an unlimited time.

Here is how you can get absolutely free followers on Instagram:


  • The best way to grow on Instagram is to gain followers by using popular hashtags. Your level of activity on the app is of no use if you are not using the proper hashtags. Hashtags help in locating accounts easily and this is why it is important. You can use popular hashtags. Always try to use some trendy hashtags on things that are trending that day.
  • The next thing that you can do is that you should be creative with your caption. You should always use interesting captions in your post and then add related hashtags. People are going to actually read and get captured by whatever you write if the caption is good. If you write a creative caption you can draw the attention of the users.

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  • You should also participate in any popular conversations. Look for the Instagram handles which have a lot of active followers. It could be a popular brand or any post where there is a lot of conversation and then make some smart comment and engage properly with the people.
  • Another thing that you should do is that you should make your profile interesting. People will only follow those account switches are benefits so make your profile unique and interesting. Make sure that your profile is such that people would want to click on it whenever they come to it.
  • Another thing you should do is follow other people. The best way to get followers is to follow other users by going on this search or explore page. Follow those people that interest you and you think will like your work so that you can get a follow back as well.
  • Also always be consistent. Being consistent is a great way to increase followers. When you post regularly the chances are that you will get more followers and more free Instagram likes and a wider audience.
  • Another thing that you can do in order to get followers is that you should make your Instagram account public will stop accounts that is public have a bigger advantage because people can first see your work and then choose to follow you.
  • Another thing that you can do in order to make your Instagram group is that you can read more and more blogs about it and get yourself informed about water the right steps to be taken in order for you to increase traffic on your Instagram as there are many good articles that can give you proper information.
  • You should also like other people’s photos because according to the algorithm when you like 100 photos of authentic people you are likely to get it follows back.
  • Another thing that you must do is that you should leave meaningful comments on the photos of people because this also helps him increasing followers. A well thought of comment can actually make the creator follow you back.
  • You can also message users who have a low number of followers so that they can come and enjoy your content and also be encouraged to follow you.
  • Another thing that you can do in order to increase your followers is that you should post in the right time of the day. You must make some research in order to help you grow your Instagram in the right way and find out what are the peak timings for a load. This helps you and getting more followers.
  • You should also optimize your profile. You should choose a proper theme for your profile and then you should organize things accordingly. From your theme, people can tell your contents creation process so it is very important to keep a good theme.
  • Another thing that you should do is that you should link your Instagram to other social media so that you can post information on both places regularly with the help of your Instagram.
  • Another way to make your Instagram group is that you should experiment with popular tags on a regular basis and this is definitely going to give you some free followers as well as you should you tag your pictures so that people surrounding those areas will be bound to come to your profile.

The best way to get more followers is to be authentic. If you want Instagram followers free then you can follow all the different steps that have been given above however you also need to keep your account presentable. Your account should be such that people want to press the follow button when they come to your account and they must enjoy whatever you are portraying to them.

Whenever you are your own self it is more likely that people will follow you and if they like your personality you can get some loyal followers for free without having to invest in any particular app or any money as such.

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