Gaming Tournaments: Hosting Tips and Strategies

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Online gaming tournaments, or eSports, have been trending worldwide. It has been considered a highly competitive and sought-after event by all gamers and eSports fans.

Should you be interested in organizing your gaming tournament, there are many things to consider and strategize for it to be successful. Here’s a brief overview of everything you need to know about it.

Gaming Tournament: What is it all about?

Competitive video gaming done in a single-player or team-player mode that requires you to face off with one another can be defined as a gaming tournament.

Whether online or in-person, gaming tournaments Melbourne allows those interested in playing specific games to win cash prizes and multiple awards or show off their skills.

Different Gaming Tournament Formats Being Done

You may see a lot of content and internet videos comprising many gaming tournaments sponsored by big brands for charity or entertainment.

Whether you came to play with friends or independently, it is best to know which type of gaming tournament best suits your skill to bag more wins. Here’s a list of different formats to choose from:


This type of tournament includes large audiences in the venue and witnessing live entertainment and competition. It may be done in some of the following such as:

  • Convention halls
  • Auditoriums
  • eSports stadiums or gymnasiums

Attending competitions include killer music, lighting, and other equipment needed to enable you and other attendees to live the competitive video gaming experience with the eSports community.

Kill-Race Tournaments

In this type of format, you may be paired off with an individual or team that is considered your equal in terms of the following:

  • Skill
  • Statistics
  • Team rankings
  • Playing History

Through this, your capabilities and strategies will surely be tested and pushed to the limit for only a given amount of time. This is a more exciting version of this gaming tournament compared to others.

Online or Virtual

Online or virtual is your most common type of gaming tournament or competition. This is where your team does not need to be together or go to the live venue to compete.

You may use your home equipment, and whatever console is available from where you are anytime and anywhere. For a more casual gaming experience, then this format is for you and your team.

Bracket Tournaments

In a more official and high-end form of online gaming competition, the format of a bracket tournament is done. It happens in either an instant elimination format or a ranking format.

In hindsight, your team can still advance to the next round in this format if you don’t get eliminated quickly or stay at the bottom of the rankings.

Celebrity Face-Off

A more marketing-centric form of approach where big-time celebrity gamers, vloggers, or teams get invited to play and face-off with fellow member teams you are part of.

This is done mostly for charity competitions and events with sponsorship and cash prizes. Well-known teams from around the world are part of the line-up that will entice all audiences.

Planning to Host a Gaming Tournament

To be invited to play alongside multiple teams of online gaming giants is a privilege for your team. However, it is easier said than done if you plan to host or organize it yourself.

Here are some tips and strategies you need to consider to host a thrilling and memorable gaming tournament for your team and fellow online tournament gamers:

Know the Game you Wish to Play

First and foremost, the game you wish to play and compete in must be set to know who and how many are interested in playing these. Many online or eSports games are famous now, such as:

  • Call Of Duty
  • Defense Of The Ancient or DOTA
  • League Of Legends
  • World Of Warcraft
  • Players Unknown battleground or PUBG
  • NBA 2K
  • FIFA
  • Halo
  • Street Fighter
  • Tekken
  • Smash Brothers

Once you have chosen which type of game you wish to build your event and attendees from, you can now estimate who is interested to make better preparations.

Set Your Rules and Guidelines

Keeping a competitive yet fun and entertaining atmosphere for your organized gaming tournament may be challenging. Still, with the right preparation, you can pull it off.

What is important to achieve this is to set rules and guidelines spread out in uniformity to your guests and community. This way, a safe, fair, and clean form of gaming experience can be achieved.

Plan Your Promotion Strategy

An important task to do is how you can promote your organized event and reach your target audience or community. This may be considered a flop without strategizing how to make your event public.

Here are some techniques you can do to increase attendees and advertise your organized event better:

  • Posting on social media
  • Capitalize on Email blasting
  • Create an exclusive community online or through chat rooms and servers
  • Make your channel for advertising and promotion
  • Collaborate with Streamers, Big-time sponsors, or Gaming Influencers
  • Giveaway print-outs or invitations

Prepare Your Setup or Equipment

It is worth noticing that in gaming tournaments, the system unit must be capable of supporting the specifications and requirements needed to have a better gaming or eSports experience.

From gaming monitors to your chosen console, you have to take note that there are certain set-ups needed for your event and by your players to avoid any issues like:

  • FPS (frame per second) issues with graphics
  • Connectivity issues with the internet
  • Audio and communications
  • Controller devices such as your mouse, joysticks, and keyboard

Hire an Experienced Staff

Your hired personnel must be in line with the objective of your organized gaming tournament. They must have an ample amount of the game mechanics and background.

From the gaming officials, technical support, and even your announcers, all must be on top of their game. This enables you to ensure that your organized event runs smoothly and is coordinated.

Bring in the Fun

Lastly, don’t shy away from setting the vibe through music, food, and even drinks that can create a fun and enjoyable gaming atmosphere.

This way, your objective of solidifying a gaming community built for camaraderie amid competitiveness will not come up short for you.  

To Wrap it up

Since the gaming tournament scene has been booming due to audiences resonating with the available platforms and online games, you may likely be interested in hosting your own.

Remember to always put a fair and enjoyable experience to the community you will build through your event so everyone in it can have a good run and experience.

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