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FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022 is one of the most popular WhatsApp Mods. It is also a modified WhatsApp version with many unique features. These features are not included in the official WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from the play store. This article will cover many unique features of FM WhatsApp Latest Version. Make sure to read all information.

FM WhatsApp APK was developed by Fouad Mokdad, a talented developer. His official website is called “Fouad mods”. For more information, you can visit the website. We have the latest version of FM WhatsApp available for download. The importance of FMWhatsApp Android PK is explained in the following article.

Important importance of FMWhatsApp APK

WhatsApp mods must be well-known, but many mods are only intended for very limited purposes. FM WhatsApp 2021, however, is the best. Other cool mods are also out there, but some of them can be banned from time to time. FMWhatsApp, however, is not banned and cannot be banned. This is the best option when you are searching for anti-ban WhatsApp Mods. This article will explain the features of FM WhatsApp 2021. It is a great WA mod.

Features of FM WhatsApp APK

You will find many amazing features in FMWhatsApp APK Latest version, which you can see below. These features are updated with every update. They are not available on the official WA. Let’s say you are interested in downloading the FM WhatsApp 2021. Then let’s discuss the features. Take a look below to get an idea of its true identity.


  • Custom themes
  • custom emojis
  • WhatsApp custom interface
  • Icons for custom launchers
  • Custom wallpapers and statuses for your contacts

Secret features

  • Forwarding a message to a friend without enabling the tag
  • Second tick to disable
  • Disable the blue tick
  • There is no need to add contacts to make calls
  • anti delete message and status

Privacy features

  • anti-ban mod
  • hide status view
  • Last, seen?
  • Online Status Hide
  • You can select contacts that can call you
  • Recording and hiding typing

Multimedia features

  • 700Mb file sharing at one
  • You can send more than 10 images at once
  • Ability to share an audio file up to 100 Mb simultaneously
  • Share the original quality of your images and videos

What’s new in FM Whatsapp?

You can find out more about the latest FMWhatsApp APK version by clicking here. We hope you find some inspiration about the latest version.

  • More improved anti-ban system
  • 100 chats are possible to pin
  • Corrections
  • Bugs and crashes fixed
  • Smooth experience with the most recent update
  • New launcher icons
  • Bug fixed in opening the camera
  • New themes added
  • Base updated
  • More customized features

We are more optimistic about the new update than ever thanks to the bug-crashes fixes and the anti-ban system. The new update is great. Most bugs and crashes have been fixed in the FM WhatsApp APK version.

  • The anti-ban system in FMWhatsApp APK has been improved. This allows us to use all features of FM WhatsApp without fear of being banned. This feature is constantly improving.
  • Only 3 chats are allowed to be pinned in the official WhatsApp. However, this version allows for 100 chats to be pinned.
  • This new version includes the updated base and new launcher icons. We can now customize even more features. FMWA can be customized with new themes.
  • You will enjoy a smoother experience with the latest version. All features are now more intuitive than ever.
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