Do You Recognize these 3 Warning Signs of Low Customer Engagement?


Customer engagement is arguably one of the most important metrics to measure your success as a business. It used to be measured by asking your customers outright what they think of you! Now we can pair this with real-time metrics from your website, app and the tone of your interactions with them.

Low customer engagement can be the slow killer of small businesses, but do you recognize these three signs that it’s happening to you?

When Do Your Customers Speak To You?

Look at when your customers are speaking to you. If they are only coming to you when they have issues with your product or service and not asking for your advice for projects, then you’ve likely got an engagement problem.

Every negative interaction between your customer and your brand damages their perception. If your customers are not speaking to you outside of issues with their service, don’t be surprised if they start pulling away and looking elsewhere.

Look at how you deal with these complaints and see if they are being resolved to their satisfaction. Do you have a customer feedback mechanism through which you can receive constructive criticism? If not, implement one now!

Do You Keep Talking After Initial Contact?

Do your new customers ghost you after initial contact? Or are they calling to speak to you after the fact about new projects?

If your customers disappear off the radar after initial contact, there is likely a problem with your onboarding process, and you need to address it quickly. Low customer engagement at this point of the sales process could mean you’re missing out on other potential purchases but losing customers before completion.

Your process should make your customers want to come back and speak with you. Either to tell you how good your product is or to adjust it to their needs during the initial stage of implementation. Add more feedback and interactions with your customers during the purchasing process and take the constructive comments on board.

How Long Do Customers Interact With Your Website/App?

This one will be easy to measure. It’s all ones and zeros logged in the backend of your app and website.

How long are your customers spending on your website or application? If the number is low or the bounce rate is high, you’ll likely need to review them.

It’s best to speak to a professional to ensure your website or app is designed correctly and with high customer engagement in mind.

Canada’s leaders in app development can help you shift your app from dud to delight, keeping your customers interacting with your words and increasing your engagement.

How Can You Fix It?

Offer your low-engagement customer a special offer or freebie to get the ball rolling and get back into your customers’ good books.

Use customer feedback and other mechanisms to collect information on where your process is failing to retain your customers’ attention and adapt your systems based on the results.

Even a single survey can go a long way.