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By Tyler Damon

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Denticon Login Group is the most popular cloud-based performance management software. Ideal for group exercises that require a complete and integrated implementation management system in multiple locations.

It’s worth it

  • The company has a proven 10-year track record of delivering cloud-based software for dental groups.
  • A scalable system that can meet needs as your practice grows
  • Specific reporting capabilities provide a unified view of performance across all locations

It’s about uncomfortable things

  • Currently only supports online application transfers through DentalExchange , although Planet DDS works closely with other health care providers
  • The patient interaction module, Dentigram , must be purchased separately.

What is Denticon Login?

Denticon Login by Planet DDS is a popular cloud-based dental software used by thousands of dental professionals to improve their practice. It’s a mature all-in-one product that improves a variety of critical functions such as planning, reporting, and reporting. Denticon (Denticon). Dental software is designed to be flexible, making it ideal for large multisite applications.

Price and value of Denticon.

Denticon starts at $280 per employee and one location per month. Other pricing details include;

  • Monthly subscription fee
  • There is no prepaid license
  • Separate registration is required for DodgeSpot and Updox
  • Free performances are offered

A thorough investigation

Founded in 2004, Planet DDS is one of the industry’s leading providers of pure cloud-based dental management software. Called Denticon , the flagship Planet DDS software is one of the most mature all-purpose solutions on the market. It provides all the major features needed for dental care, including scheduling, charting and record keeping, billing and claims, and reporting.

Often customers choose Denticon because they want to upgrade from a cloud-based provider run by a reputable company. If you’re in doubt between cloud-based and on-premise solutions, consider these pros and cons.

Types of projects It’s worth it It’s about uncomfortable things
Cloud based
  • Ideal for multisite applications.
  • Sync your content across the site
  • Scalability is defined
  • There is no server purchase or maintenance
  • Automated software development and data management.
  • A reliable internet connection is required
  • Home delivery + maintenance can be expensive.
  • You have to trust the provider when it comes to the security of the information.
On the site
  • In the long run, licensing, server, and IT support costs are often cheaper than a monthly subscription to a cloud service.
  • It does not require an internet connection.
  • Comprehensive oversight of technology and data.
  • Costs, raw materials and infrastructure costs are higher than ever
  • Ongoing IT support costs
  • The data is only displayed locally
  • manual programming and data management.
  • Limited storage

Denticon Login is a solid choice. Nearly 60% of Denticon ‘ s employees are now multisite employees Denticon ‘s providers have extensive experience migrating data from any PMS solution , which can help ensure that the migration process is as smooth as possible.

Together , Denticon is a complete implementation management system powered by one of the leading vendors in the market. We highly recommend Denticon for multi-site practices looking to migrate to the cloud .

Denticon Features

Below we will discuss some of the key features of Denticon , and how they can benefit your company.

Meetings and planning

Denticon Login offers an appointment scheduling video that you can embed on your website or Facebook page, allowing patients to book appointments online. Patients can find a dentist at your clinic and make an appointment with any dentist available. Other appointment scheduling software lets customers find a dentist outside your practice, leading potential patients to other dentists, potentially losing revenue Denticon only refers patients to dentists in your practice and keeps the user on your website, not redirecting valuable online traffic.

You can ask new patients to fill out electronic forms (patient medical history, contact details, insurance information, etc.) so their information is already available when they show up for their appointment. This greatly improves the patient experience and helps reduce recruitment anxiety When the patient arrives for their appointment, they’ll already have all of their insurance information organized.

The mapping process is described

Denticon offers several computational modules. This tool allows you to spend less time on notes, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like marketing and patient care. The calculation module has four tabs.

  • Health : A user-friendly odontogram can quickly and accurately link pre-existing conditions, patient records, and treatment plans.
  • : Denticon has many different features to complete Perio test , such as view testing, Perio chart using audio , and special settings .
  • Ray: Added Images allows you to view and edit images directly in the map module. X-rays are included in the dental diagram .
  • Progress: Progress reports are automatically imported into your accounting module. In addition, you can create custom macros to quickly enter repetitive data.

The tables are easily accessible in the app. Click the title of the chart or click the chart icon on the toolbar. Here is a picture of the x-ray that is injected into the secondary sheet.

The bills are paid

Denticon has tools to help you perform important billing tasks quickly and accurately. Important Features:;

  • Create and send invoice documents electronically.
  • Manage payment options
  • Manage credit and debit reconciliation
  • Add the procedure and ICD code
  • Principles of dental procedures

Use of cards

Denticon can be paid for . In addition, Denticon’s built-in credit card account allows you to create payment policies and pay yourself recurring amounts.

There are questions on Denticon Login

Denticon helps you create the right insurance policy, so you get reimbursed faster. Important functions at Denticon Login ;

  • Increase the cost of paper
  • Monitor patient eligibility
  • Attach required photographs and documentation

Electronic claims are only available through DentalXChange , but Denticon told us it is working on a partnership with other healthcare providers. This determination can be decisive if you are working on another e claim

There’s a report

Denticon really shines with its reporting capabilities that allow corporate practices to get a clear view of the performance of all their offices. As a dental practice with multiple locations, it can be difficult to collect data from your various locations to identify areas of improvement or get a clear picture of financial performance For multi-site users who access dental services with older software, collect relevant metrics, scalable. Format and philosophy can be especially challenging Different action management software solutions store their data in different ways, or may not even provide some of the results you like. Denticon solves this problem by consolidating and storing all your data in a standardized format across various offices. As a result, you can pull reports across all of your offices or individual departments that you have selected.

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