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craigslist phoenix

craigslist phoenix fraudulent job ads on Craigslist in which unauthorized individuals use the Coach or Coach Leatherware names to contact prospective job applicants for jobs. The information is a confirmation of work to Coach and asks the applicant to forward a copy of the credit score to Coach to be able to access their employment records. Coach’s policy is not to do this. If we offer you an employment offer, that is always made personally, we’ll arrange in your presence and with your consent. We will use an encrypted method to collect your consent and information to conduct background checks which are a an integral part of the hiring process. Be aware that this isn’t an official offer, and Coach isn’t associated with the ads. We encourage anyone who encounters or falls victim to this type of fraudulent activity to report it to Craigslist and forward the e-mail you received to [email protected]

craigslist phoenix is an affirmative and equal opportunity employer, and we take pride in attracting and developing the most skilled employees. All decisions regarding employment (including recruitment and hiring, promotions and compensation, as well as transfer as well as discipline, training and even termination) are determined by the applicant’s or employee’s credentials as they pertain to the qualifications of the position to be considered. These decisions are made with no considering age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or genetic traits such as race or color, faith, religion, ethnicity or national origin or citizenship status or disability or marital status or pregnancy, military status or any other legally recognized protected basis that is prohibited by law.

Our Competencies for all employees

Courage Will not hold back everything that has to be said; gives immediate, accurate, comprehensive as well as “actionable” constructive and accurate feedback for others and lets them know what they think; stands the issues of people on any subject or person (not even direct reporting) immediately and clearly and without hesitation; does not hesitate to take action against someone whenever necessary.

Creative: Comes up with many new and original ideas; quickly connects previously unrelated concepts It is generally regarded as innovative and worth incorporating into discussions.

Customer Priority: Is dedicated to fulfilling the requirements and expectations of customers both internal and external Gets direct customer feedback and utilizes it to make improvements in services and products; is mindful of the needs of customers Establishes and maintains positive relations with customers and builds their trust and trust.

dealing with uncertainty: Can effectively cope with changes; change gears easily; decide and act without knowing the whole picture in mind; doesn’t get discontent when things are up in the air; doesn’t need to get things done before moving on; be able to manage risk and uncertainty.

Driving for Results It is counted to achieve goals with success and is consistently among the best performers. Very bottom-line-oriented who consistently pushes himself and others to achieve outcomes.

Interpersonal Skills: Relates well to everyone from up, down and sideways, both inside and outside of the company Establishes a good rapport; develops positive and productive relationships, using tact and diplomacy; is able to handle even the most stressful situations with ease.

Learn on the fly: Learns quickly when faced with new issues A constant and flexible learner who is open to changes and analyzing both successes and failures in search of suggestions for improvement; experiments and is willing to try everything to find solutions. Enjoys the challenge of tackling unfamiliar tasks. Quickly grasps the fundamental structure of everything.

Our Competencies are applicable to all People Managers

Strategy Agility Looks forward clearly can predict future effects and trends in a precise manner is well-versed and has a broad perspectives; is forward-looking capable of articulating convincing images and envisions of possible outcomes and possibilities; is able to develop new strategies that are competitive and revolutionary as well as strategies and.

Making Direct Reports and Other: It offers challenging and challenging assignments and tasks; engages in frequent discussions about development and is aware of every individual’s goals in their career; develops powerful development plans and implements the plans; encourages employees to embrace developmental changes they are willing to take on people who need assistance and encourage continue to develop; collaborates with the development system within the organization. It is an advocate for people.

Effective Teams: Blends people into teams as needed; builds an atmosphere of high morale and enthusiasm in the team; celebrates wins and failures; encourages an open and honest dialogue; allows people to finish and be accountable for their actions and defines success as a function of the entire team; gives a sense of belonging within the group.

Coach is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer, and we take pride in attracting and developing the most talented people. All decisions regarding employment (including the hiring process, recruiting promotion, pay and transfer, as well as training as well as termination, discipline and promotion) are determined by the applicant’s or employee’s qualifications in the manner that they pertain to the requirements of the job to be considered. The decisions are made without considering age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or genetic traits race or color, religious beliefs, ethnicity, creed or national origin, citizenship, alienage disabilities marriage, marital status and pregnant status, military status, or any other legally recognized protected basis that is prohibited by law.