Blue filtering glasses and what you need to know before buying them!

Blue filtering glasses

If we ask ourselves to cut down on our screen times for a day, most of us are going to end up spending more time on screens than we usually do.

Although we tend to do the opposite of what we are asked to do, this addiction to screens of ours runs deeper than that. We all know that our average screen times are increasing despite our innumerable failed attempts to decrease them. Alas, the lockdown has only fuelled it more because we are now using devices for anything and everything.

Unfortunately, we are happy ignoring the harmful blue light that our laptops, phones and tablets emit. A year ago, you may not have been bothered to do something about it. But right now, preventing harmful visible blue light from entering the eye is important. And that makes having a pair of blue filtering glasses essential.

The benefits of blue filtering glasses

Using blue filtering glasses while working has many benefits. For starters, blue filtering glasses can decrease the risk of retinal damage due to blue light. Although there is a lot of debate around this statement, having blue light protection glasses is much better than having nothing at all!

Blue filtering glasses

Oh, and those headaches and red eyes you think are inevitable after a long day at the computer, blue filtering glasses can reduce those too.

A little side note: Just remember that there are times blue filtering glasses cannot help your eye strain because it has been caused due to a change in your prescription!

If you use your phone right before you go to bed and can’t change this habit of yours, blue filtering glasses are a must for you. This is because they can help you sleep better!

Things to remember when buying blue filtering glasses

Yes, blue light filtering glasses have a lot of benefits but there are things you should know before buying prescription glasses online! Otherwise, there is no point in buying a pair.

Find comfy frames!

What if you bought a pair of your favourite glasses but with a crooked nose-piece? You are going to wear them for hardly an hour or two before they start irritating you.

That’s why we want you to buy glasses you’re comfy with. There’s no reason for buying blue filtering glasses that you can’t wear for more than two hours at a stretch. For this to not happen with you, use the ‘Free Try at Home’ option that is offered at most online eyewear stores.

And yes, Specscart also offers this service if you’re buying prescription glasses online. But if you are in a hurry to buy glasses, look at the frame measurements provided and see if they are your size.

Buy glasses that look good on you!

Whether you’re buying filtering blue light glasses or not, buy glasses that look good and suit your face. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a frame that you absolutely love, but doesn’t look very cool on you.

So, don’t buy the glasses just because they look uber-cool in the online photos! Buy frames that accentuate your face shape. We have a few tips that could help:

  • If in doubt, go for aviators because they work for all face shapes. They are indeed the one-design-suits-all of eyewear.
  • If you have a round or oval face shape, go for angular, geometric designs that balance the softness of your face.
  • On the other hand, if you have got a sharp jawline and an angular chin, try frames with softer edges.

But don’t feel confined by these rules as long as you feel great in the glasses you have bought. Also, another reminder: you can try at home before ordering.

Now that you’re equipped with the best advice, it’s time to save your eyes from the wrath of blue light and digital screens. And we recommend you head to Specscart to get the blue filtering glasses of your dreams.

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