Best music downloading apps for android

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If you belong to a homo-sapiens class, you definitely need to have some habit to unwind the pressure or strain within. Here is where music comes into the picture, it is great to have your favorite music collections to spend your time peacefully. When it comes to listening to music, smartphones have replaced music players in the past decade. With the appropriate music download apps for your smartphones, you can jolt your music train to reach the relaxation destination. Let’s take a look into some

free yet best music downloaders for Android 2020

  1. 4Shared Music

4Shared Music is a big file-sharing website; it makes downloading MP3 songs simple on mobile devices including Google Android & Apple iOS. The UI is simple and straightforward and will not annoy you. Even if you aren’t from any technical background, you’ll quickly get used to the 4Shared music.

  1. Google Play Music

With every walk of the current technology, Google definitely seems to a part of that. In one or another way, the best example is Google Android. It isn’t left behind in the music industry too, for that Google music downloader is a great place loaded with tons of tracks. With this Android app, one can easily play local music or stream online music too.

  1. Rock My Run

If you are a fitness freak, then Rock My Run will be your partner in crime, at least this is what they proclaim; Best workout music. Since it’s a running music app it requires users to register an account or login with an existing one, to have a better record. It has got some nice features to mention like Beats Per Minute (BPM), align your footsteps with the music you are listing.

Those, it helps users to stay cherished with the music that makes your workout hours wonderful. The notification control panel may help you with easy access. Most of the music is Western, so if you need any other then this app not for you.

  1. Angami

Angami is actually based on the Arabic class, it primarily pitches the Arabic songs, but you’ll also find others as well. It is a premier app popular in the middle east of Asia, especially in Arabian countries. Being an Arabian mp3 downloader for android, it offers features like streaming and downloading your music.


You can also create and manage your playlist to add songs directly without even downloading to your phone. Searching music is never so simpler, thanks to its advanced search that includes even music videos, DJs, and situations of the music like Happy or romantic. If you didn’t like smooth with music downloads, then you can grab your hands on Radio which is internet-based.

  1. Wynk Music

To spice things up, we have the Wynk Music Downloader, for Indian and global music at your fingertips. The Sad part is that it’s not free, you have to pay 99 Rs (~1.5$) per month to enable the unlimited music download and streaming. But I bet it is worth every penny you spend.

With over 2 million songs, you actually have no limit ( Rahman to Rihanna ). It also works as a good music player; it plays the local song you have. It works like the Android Download managers to get all the stuff. If you have unlimited internet bandwidth, then you are certainly ready to explore. If didn’t, then you can at least activate the data saver mode to save the bandwidth.

  1. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free MP3 downloads are worth trying the app that helps you to find your favorite artists’ songs. This is certainly one of the best apps for downloading music for android phones. This app is easy to use, and the music is free to download as well.

You won’t even face any copyright infringement, and you’ll get the music from the “free to use” public domains. The primary source will be from the Jamendo website, which has lots of songs in their database.

  • Download or listen to the songs online.
  • This app is available in various languages too.
  • You won’t even find any commercial music.
  • Artists directly upload their music, so no more infringement fear.
  1. Gaana

Gaana is a great free music download apps for android for Indians. Like Wynk Music, you need the Gaana+ subscription to download your favorite music, but you can also listen free without even registering an account. But the amount of music you’ll get with Gaana is limited to top listeners pick only, you don’t get every music you need. With the beautiful and easy-to-use user interface, you could access over 15 million songs. The best part is that you don’t have to create your playlist, they have a playlist according to the music genre so that you could get instant access.

With the beautiful and easy-to-use user interface, you could access over a million songs. The best part, you don’t have to create your playlist, they have a playlist according to the music genre so that you could get instant access. It is one of the top Mp3 music download apps by far.

  1. Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is the game changer app out there on the music apps market. It basically searches for the music you entered in all the search engines and curates the music for you. But, the user interface is somewhat old, but still, leaves you a lot on your plate.

Apart from the UI concern, it also supports most of the pro features. It supports multiple file downloads along with optimized downloading speed. All the music downloads for the Android phone will be stored safely in your memory card.

  1. iTube

Being free, iTube lets you to stream or download the song to your mobile. The best part is that it is completely free, I mean there is no in-app purchases or hidden charges also. Regarding the availability of the songs, you’d be actually surprised. It crawls the music with lots of search engines and shows the downloading link in no time. After all, the rating of iTube in the Play Store will tell you the rest of the story!

  1. SuperCloud Music Downloader

SuperCloud Music Downloader is one of the old and versatile Android applications to get your musical needs satisfied. It fetches the topmost of the music for downloading and streaming online. The user interface is quite decent which isn’t convoluted. You can search for the music by name, genre, or even artist involved. So, these were some of the best apps that you can try to enhance your musical journey.

11.  Birthday Song – This website has happy birthday songs in audio format for birthday celebrations and parties.