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Anupama written update what Malti is  serving at her hearthstone. Anupama asks Leela to check Malti’s circumstance. Leela says Malti has  perfected her a  take,  consequently she’s notion  roughly what has came around to her. Anupama asks Malti if she remembers her deal with and why she is n’t  stippling her. Malti appears at Anupama. Hasmuk asks Anupama to give an  elucidation for. Anupama tells about assembly Malti on the  tabernacle. She tells Nakul that he  devastated Malti. Leela says Malti  tried to ruin Anupama, but now she’s suffering. Anupama asks Leela to stop. Anuj says Malti losing Pakhi effectively is a huge  component. The inspector comes and looks for Romil. Romil pleads for  remission. Pakhi withdraws the case towards Romil.

Vanraj asks Pakhi if she’s out of her thinking. Paritosh asks Pakhi to  shoot Romil to the juvenile court  program. Pakhi takes a  stage for Romil. She demands a alternate  luck, as Romil was  precisely  rollicking a  knavery. Romil thank you Pakhi. Anupama asks Romil to  realize his  remission. Romil agrees with Anupama. Pakhi makes a  resolution to celebrate Rakhi with the Shahs. Anupama asks Pakhi to head on. Paritosh and Samar clinch Pakhi.

Anupama written update thank you God for  giving away her a  voluminous bestowal. Pakhi celebrates Rakhi with Hasmuk and Vanraj. Samar and Paritosh. Romil  vowed Pakhi that he might try and be a fantastic family to her. Pakhi suggests her belief in Romil. Anuj calls Pakhi Anupama’s shadow. He wonders if Pakhi is  sold  through Romil or Adhik. Anupama says Romil may get on an  surprising tune. She doubtsAdhik.Vanraj  pieces with Anupama that he does n’t experience like Pakhi is  giving away a 2d hazard to Adhik or Romil. He worries for Pakhi. Anupama asks Vanraj to stop traumatic. Anuj, too, asks Vanraj to relax. Anupama calls Anuj her satisfactory hubby. Vanraj concurs with Anupama written update.

Barkha asks Adhik not to  stress Pakhi  presently. Adhik assures Barkha The health  guru tells Malti she’s  tortured by amnesia. Anuj decides to  allow Malti to the health  installation. Anupama requests that Anuj permit her  manage with Malti Devi. Anuj lets in Anupama for Malti’s sake. Malti Devi addresses Anuj as her sire.

Date : – 16th September 2023

Anupama written update and Anuj bring Malti Devi home  Anuj  gapes at Malti Devi with a confused face and asks her to sit down so that she doesn’t get hurt this time.   Removing the object from the  bottom, Anuj stands awkwardly beside Malti Devi when Anupama comes  by and asks if anything is the matter.   Anupama asks Malti Devi to get ready to come to her own home which bothers Anuj a bit but he decides to keep silent for the meantime.   Meanwhile, Ankush spots Barkha  gaping at him and asks her if she wants to tell him  commodity after which Barkha taunts him about Romil’s deeds  Barkha says that Adhik won’t repeat  similar  miscalculations  presently to which Ankush replies that Romil is also mature enough to not commit the same mistake again.

Shahs  not agree with Pakhi’s decision

Dimple says that she can be bad at times but she’s a woman and can not see anything  passing wrong with another woman.   Toshu asks why Pakhi has to come great by forgiving both Adhik and Romil and says that the two of them should be in jail in the present. Kinjal says that at times people have to trust others and forgive them as all humans make  miscalculations but it’s love and guilt that help them to grow into better people.   Toshu argues that Pakhi took the wrong decision to which Kinjal reminds him that he has committed  numerous  miscalculations himself but Kinjal has still given him a alternate chance.   Vanraj says that he doesn’t agree with Pakhi’s decision while Hasmukh asks them to stop arguing about the matter as everything is  OK  now.   Leela reminds Hasmukh that Malti Devi has returned and she doubts that Malti Devi is faking her  internal condition to take her  vengeance on Anuj and Anupama.

Away, Adhik sits with Pakhi and Barkha says that they should go on a date nearly which makes them agitated.   Adhik addresses about going on a movie date while Pakhi asks Barkha and Ankush to join them too when Romil passes by there.   Pakhi asks Romil if he wants to come with them to which Romil replies that he has  systems to complete but Pakhi tells him that she’ll help him in completing everything.   After Romil leaves, Barkha and Adhik advise Pakhi to be careful around Romil as he can do  commodity again but Pakhi says that Romil is just immature but a good person.   Meanwhile, Kavya gives tea to Vanraj and tells him that she knows how it feels to earn love and family as she’s in a  analogous situation but Vanraj needs to believe that she loves him.

Malti Devi calls Anuj  son in front of  family

Later, Anupama written update asks Anuj why he’s suddenly  defying the decision to keep Malti Devi with them as he was fine earlier to which Anuj says that he decided not to talk about it  also.   Anuj tells Anupama that he feels uncomfortable whenever Malti Devi is around him when Pakhi and Adhik come there and tell them that they’re planning Anuj’s  delinquent birthday party.   After requesting a bit, Anuj agrees to celebrate his birthday when they hear a crashing noise of glass breaking and come  outdoors to the living room.   Malti Devi stands shivering saying it isn’t her fault while a glass object lies shattered on the  bottom.   Anupama says it’s fine that the glass broke and Malti Devi doesn’t need to worry about it but Malti Devi runs over the glass shreds and leverages Anuj.   Malti Devi asks Anuj to take his  mama  back home which shocks everyone while Anuj gets nervous for some reason.   After Anupama ever separates Malti Devi telling her that the house belongs to Anuj, Anuj comes back to his room with Anupama following him.

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