How to use antidetect browser

antidetect browser

If you think the name is only for men, you are wrong. Just because you hide something doesn’t mean you hide something terrible. First, let’s talk about the security and safety of your personal information because today, all the information in our daily lives can be bought and sold to make the most of it.

To ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and undermine control over your actions on the Internet, experts recommend that you disclose your computer network.

The degree of anonymity is your personal preference. But even simple tools can save you from the unpleasant feeling that someone is spying on you. This article wants to consider one of the most popular ways to access the name – Antidetect browsers.

What is an Antidetect browser?

So, as we said, everyone needs complete or partial privacy on the web from time to time. Antidetect browsers are the first tools we can think .

Antidetect browsers are similar to our known browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. It is compatible with most browsers but with an anonymity guarantee. It modifies programs and thus hides browser fingerprints and fake data and leaves minimal clutter on the web. With their help, users can run multiple ads or social accounts simultaneously when it is prohibited.

Antidetect browsers help with everyday web browsing and can also be very useful for professional web admins who need anonymity to work. In this way, the paid resources prove to be the perfect investment, protecting against potential cyber-attacks or helping to earn more money in return.

Best Antidetect Browser


Multi-login is the gold standard if you are serious about managing multiple accounts. This Estonian company is the first in the region and has won. It is also classified as the Indigo browser in the Russian market.

Multi-login is one of the few options that try to completely hide fingerprints instead of disabling important parameters like Canvas or WebGL. This makes it very reliable in the eyes of the sites.

The application allows you to access Internet browsers – Chrome or modified Firefox with different fingerprints in the browser. You can create a quick browser profile or manually change each parameter to your liking. The device stores data encoded in the cloud and allows up to 10 people to control accounts according to plan. Developers can automate multi-login using Selenium or Dummy to create thousands of profiles every day.

Indigo Browser

Indigo Browser is one of the best browsers for reviewers. It has excellent performance, which makes working in this area more effective. But the site is only in Russia.

The main advantage of the browser is the ability to get started without some skills. Her instructions are simple: Quick Record and Hide Campaign.


GoLogin is a relative newcomer with good communication, a very active development team, and a place on price. It’s the only place where people can find multi-logins on the go, and there’s a lot of positive feedback from trusted pilots about its effectiveness.

GoLogin uses its web browser based on Google Chrome. It mimics browser fingerprints by changing many parameters and making noise on others. Some users have found that this method results in more headlines and credentials, but the results may vary according to your setting.

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere is one of the latest anti-chromium detection browsers. It’s completely confidential, and it’s perfect for web admins and administrators who work with Google AdWords and Facebook.

The browser is entirely anonymous. Therefore, the data should be written separately to avoid losing your verification data. Reconstruction is not possible. Linken Sphere is a fully paid app. At the same time, payments (for anonymity only) are made in Bitcoin.

X Browser

X Browser takes a different approach. Instead of asking you to pay, this accommodation agent comes with SmartProxy for free. So, you still have to spend money, but only for the required agent service anyway.

X Browser is based on Chrome and is designed by many individual marketers. There’s no profile synchronization, no cloud storage, no header browser integration, and you won’t be able to import cookies. However, this tool provides everything you need to change the browser’s fingerprint in a straightforward interface. You can create as many profiles as you want.

Ghost Browser

It is another popular anti-discovery browser running on the Chromium platform. The system is in high demand in the company’s Internet resources and actively promotes similar orders (affiliates) across the network.

The only drawback of the browser is that the user agent has to manually login from the personal database, and you have to get a separate plugin for the proxy. This is not always the case for people who often deal with traffic. The rest of the Ghost browser is perfect on an active system. There is an essential factor.


Kameleo is another popular choice, and it stands between MultiLogin and GoLogin as one of the best detection tools.

Perfectly supports all major web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. It uses Aadhaar Profiles, which takes standard fingerprint layouts and makes minor adjustments. You can create an unlimited number of profiles with each project and automate the process with Selenium. Kameleo also provides an Android app for changing your mobile fingerprints.


Accovod is a program that allows you to work with multiple accounts on a social network simultaneously. Each account has a unique IP address, user agent, and cookie. Accovod is also useful for configuring your proxy. Prices are very reasonable for this program.



Incogniton is a new generation anti-chromium detection browser similar to GoLogin and AdsPower. Based on this, it shares many of the features you’d expect:

  • Creating multiple browser profiles and synchronizing them (including a large number of creations).
  • Importing cookies.
  • Automating things without titles from libraries or APIs.

An exciting feature is an adhesive as a human print which allows the form to be filled quickly.


FraudFox is a virtual modifier that manages Internet sessions with different UserAgent and fingerprint values. Of course, this program cannot be called an anti-detection browser, but it does its job efficiently. FraudFox is an effective virtual solution that provides anonymity for intermediaries.


Now that you know what Antidetect browsers are, you know that your web security is no exception. Above, we’ve only talked about experts who prove that Antidetect browsers can be more beneficial for specific tasks than other unknown ones.

However, here we may face advantages and disadvantages of any product or service. The point is to research carefully and find the browser that best suits your needs. Choose the best Antidetect browser and enjoy the silent web life without risk!