9 Advantages of Microsoft 365 for Businesses

By Tyler Damon

Published on:

Microsoft 365 is a sophisticated and flexible package of tools, programs, and services that helps organizations of different sizes and industries enhance their output and optimize their workflow. The cloud-based subscription service offers numerous advantages, from better productivity to enhanced security.

Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages this product offers:

1. Increased Productivity

The clearest advantage of using Microsoft 365 is that it significantly increases productivity. With a wide array of integrated tools available and an easy-to-use interface, users can access important documents, share files, collaborate on projects, and manage tasks with ease.

Microsoft 365 also offers a dashboard, which streamlines the organization of tasks and simplifies layout in an attractive interface.

2. Better Security

As you may have heard, Microsoft’s security arm is a $20 billion per year business, keeping its clients secure from various threat vectors.

Microsoft 365 incorporates data loss prevention capabilities, mobile device management, email encryption, and more to protect your organization’s data. For example, the two-factor authentication (2FA) feature protects data and applications from the issue of stolen or hacked passwords.

3. Remote Access

With Microsoft 365, organizations can access their data on multiple devices, in different locations, with no loss of data or quality of service. Employees can make edits, upload files, or review documents from anywhere with a networking connection, optimizing collaboration and boosting productivity.

4. Scalability

The platform is designed to expand easily as an organization’s needs increase, making it easier for businesses to grow cost-effectively. All it takes is a few clicks on this subscription-based service.

5. Sharing and Collaboration

The platform’s powerful collaboration tools allow users to share and collaborate easily. Applications like SharePoint and OneDrive make it easy to share documents, while Skype and Outlook allow for simplified communication. And with multi-party HD video, shared calendar and team chat, your staff is always up to date on the latest events.

6. Customization and Integration

Thanks to an array of APIs and tools, businesses can customize their platform to match their workflow. Organizations can also configure Microsoft 365 to work with some popular third-party applications. This advanced integration is perfect for companies that want to migrate to Microsoft 365 without losing access to their favourite software.

8. Value for Your Dollar

Microsoft 365 bundles together a number of programs and services, offering good value for your dollar. In addition, companies can find a subscription plan that fits their needs, budget, and workflow.

9. Better Client Relations

Tools in Microsoft 365 can help businesses improve client relations. For example, with Skype, businesses can quickly contact customers and provide real-time support. The collaboration tools on the platform allow companies to work with clients on projects and tasks and share updates.

To get the most out of Microsoft 365, experts recommend that you work with a team of professionals that can help with migration, modernization, and maintenance. The right technology partner can also help with different components of the platform.

For instance, Softlanding’s Microsoft 365 services cover Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and other elements of the platform. This long-established IT services provider of transformation, professional services and managed IT services can also ensure a smooth transition to the cloud by overseeing your organization’s migration to Microsoft 365.

These are nine advantages of using this software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. Work with a team of specialists to get the most out of this well-reviewed productivity platform.

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