5 ways to promote your New Year’s party right

By Tyler Damon

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What fun is a New Year’s party without any attendees!? If you want to ring in the new year right, you need to have tons of people around to celebrate with you. If you’re ready to throw a serious end-of-year celebration, here are five marketing tips to promote your New Year’s party the right way.

Well-designed party flyers never go out of style

Typically, people don’t want to travel too far for a New Year’s party. That means most of your attendees will be people who live in the area. And one of the best ways to promote your party to people in the area is with well-designed party flyers.

A bright, fun, exciting party flyer is a great way to capture people’s attention as they walk around town. Hang them in local restaurants, public buildings, and even office buildings to get the most views. Of course, make sure you have permission to hang your flyers first!

You might be a pro at planning a killer New Year’s party, but if you’re not a design pro, the best way to create an eye-catching party flyer is with a template. There are tons of free party flyer templates online. Simply choose the one that best fits your style, fill in your information, and you’re ready to post!

Party flyers can also be saved as PDFs and used for social media and email posts to extend your marketing reach even farther!

Think of a great theme

People go to parties to have a good time. If you want people to go to your New Year’s party, you need to prove that everyone who comes will enjoy the time of their lives! And the best way to do that is with an irresistible theme.

Your theme says a lot about your party. It gives potential attendees an idea of what to expect (for better or worse) and shows that you actually put some thought into the preparation — which means it’ll likely be a good party! Parties without themes are more generic, which isn’t very enticing for potential attendees.

Whether you want to throw a black-tie masquerade ball or send it back in time with a ‘90s party, the theme of your New Year’s party says a lot about the good time you’re going to have. Choosing a great theme is definitely a major part of prompting your party right!

Start planning and promoting early

No great party was planned overnight. It takes weeks (and perhaps even months) to nail down every detail. Plus, people need time to put it on their calendars. If you wait too long to start promoting your New Year’s party, most of your attendees will already have plans!

It’s best to start promoting at least one month before the party. That should give attendees enough time to make their plans, without interfering with other holiday celebrations. (Nobody likes to think about the New Year before Thanksgiving is even over!)

Over the course of the month, send out plenty of promotions across your channels, including email and social media, to regularly remind people about your amazing party and the time they’ll have. You don’t want them to forget about it!

Send some New Year’s party emails

Everyone has an email address. Well, according to research, 92% of the U.S. population has one, but that’s just about everyone. That means it’s a great way to spread the word about your New Year’s party!

Email marketing campaigns are highly effective in today’s digital world. However, people receive a lot of emails every day, so it’s not enough to send a text-only message like you would a decade or so ago. You need to make your email stand out with a professional layout and some eye-catching graphics.

The best way to design a great email campaign is by using free New Year email templates. That way, you can quickly choose the template that fits your party, fill in the information, and you’re ready to hit send. Choose a layout with animated elements to really catch partygoers’ attention!

Create an event page on social media

Every great promotion needs a home base. Since your party is just a one-time event, you might not want to make a dedicated website or landing page. Instead, an event page on social media is a great place to put all your party details for everyone to see.

It’s easy to create a Facebook event. Once you set up the page and fill in the important details (time, date, location, etc.), you can upload a few pictures or even your party flyer PDF, and start inviting all your followers. You can even ask them to invite their friends and family to increase your marketing reach even more!

One of the best parts about a Facebook event is that attendees can RSVP to your party. While it might not be a surefire way to generate a guest list, it does give you a general idea about how many people to expect, making planning a bit easier.

Create a New Year’s party to remember

Ready to make this New Year party the best one yet!? If you want to promote your New Year’s party right, you need to design and distribute party flyers, come up with a great theme, start planning and promotion early, send some killer party emails, and start a social media event page. Start the new year on the right foot with a party your attendees will not soon forget!

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