5 Printer Tips & Tricks for Improved Print Performance

By Tyler Damon

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5 Printer Tips are among the most valuable peripherals available today that not only allow printing documents but also help in file organization. In the digital-savvy era, storing data in paper format is not much preferred as it is not considered an eco-friendly way. 

But, there are areas where record-keeping in off-digital formats is essential to keep the operations running. 

Even if you are using a printer at home, you must not be using it every day. Although there are tips that allow you to use printers efficiently, learning some troubleshooting tips is an added advantage.

If you think that you know enough about your printer, go through this article to explore the tips that you have never heard of earlier. 

Let’s first discuss some printer usability tricks and suggestions to help you work proficiently the next time you use them. 

Afterward, we will swiftly move on to the ways to troubleshoot the printers in case any common issue arises. 

Use Economy Print Mode

Many organizations do not prefer printing the document; instead, they keep the digital copies in their storage databases. When you need to print a document, make sure that your printer is set to Economy mode. The name of this printing mode may vary based on the brand and model. 

The Economy mode uses the least printing resources, keeping the environmental hazard in mind. It cuts paper usage and toner consumption. The mode also reduces the use of blank ink to print paper. 

Print Double-Sided

If you want to save paper in bulk quantities, go for duplex printing that prints on both sides of the paper. To learn more about double-sided printing, visit https://setapp.com/how-to/print-double-sided

When you need to save resources such as the paper or the cartridge, try printing on both sides. This will save you time as well as reduce the volume of the document, which will make file-piling easier. Double-sided printing is a great way to ensure budget printouts and file organization in the office and at home.

Find Printer’s IP Address 

Printer Tips

Most printers come with an LCD screen that flashes the IP address of the printer. To view the address, navigate to the Settings menu and command to display the IP address on the printer screen. Other methods include navigating to the Printer Properties, Command Prompt, or using the Router. 

Viewing the IP Address in the Printer Properties window is the easiest way to check the IP address of the device. Navigate to the Settings, click Devices, and tap Printers and Scanners. 

Identify your printer name, click it and select Manage. Click Printer Properties, click the General tab, and find the Location field. You can check the IP address there. 

Adjust Print Quality

You do not require high-quality prints all the time, so you can adjust the quality when printing memos or any internal documents. Reducing the print quality usually improves the printing speed. 

3D printing adds dynamism and clarity to the content; you can turn the respective mode on when printing models, presentations, and business reports. 

If you are new to 3D printing, it’s the process to develop large models from a digital geographical representation and is majorly used for printing packages, advertisements, and other similar purposes. 

It’s a fast-emerging technology that is highly useful for marketers and retailers to showcase their products interactively in the market. 

Bypass the Spooler

As you connect your printer to the computer, you first enter the printer spooler, which is the waiting station for information. 

It sometimes slows the entire printing process as you have to spend your valuable time waiting for it to set up and run, particularly when you are using it with quick devices. 

You can bypass the printer spooler by tweaking several settings, which will instruct it to print directly. Navigate to the printer options and select Print directly to the printer. 

This will speed up the printing process manifold. The process may vary for different printer brands, so you need to select it carefully. 

How to Fix a Slow Printer?

Printer Tips

If you are using a wireless printer, the connection can drop while you are printing a document, and the printing Can behave sluggishly. Make sure that the connection is reliable when printing documents. As mentioned above, reducing the print quality can improve the printing performance to some extent. 

Alternatively, increasing the RAM can also improve the performance of the printer. If you are running multiple apps on your computer, pause or disable them before you start printing a document. Keep the number of pages minimal and adjust the margin size to accommodate more content in the document. 

Paused or canceled print jobs can be a productivity hog, so make sure to clean them regularly. Also, delete any printing jobs that are no longer required from the history. If you clear the printer’s memory on a regular basis, you will get better printing output.

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